Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 14 “Through a Glass, Darkly” (Recap)

Season 5B has officially begun!

After the death of a major character in the mid-season finale, as well as the show’s first ever Christmas special last month, Pretty Little Liars finally returns for the second half of its fifth season! The episode begins three months after the events of the last.

Lets take a look at this episodes highlights (beware of spoilers!):

Mona’s funeral: We use the word “funeral” loosely, as did Mona’s boyfriend (at the time of her death) Mike Montgomery. While there was a church, flowers, and even a casket, the funeral lacked a key feature… a dead body. While the Rosewood police have been on the case of Mona’s death for three months now, they have still yet to find her body.

As the funeral was ending, Alison came to pay her respects to Mona’s mother. Being the number one suspect in her daughter’s murder, she reacted hysterically and slapped Alison in the face. It was fantastic.

Grunwald returns: Hannah enlisted the help of Ravenswood psychic Mrs. Grunwald to help shed some light onto Mona’s death, and the whereabouts of her body.

How do you expect me to find her?” asks a confused Grunwald. Lets not forget, this is the same woman who was able to sense that Alison, distressed and buried alive, needed her help the night this all began. This may just be the smartest thing Hannah has ever done.

After some time, Grunwald suggests that Mona’s body is not in Rosewood, and she may have been buried in the ground.

Farewell, Paige: Paige’s parents have had it with the constant dangers of Rosewood, deciding to move the family to California instead. On the day of her flight, Emily rushes to the Airport in one last attempt to get Paige to stay, but is unsuccessful.

Sadly, this means it is unlikely Paily will be able to graduate, or attend prom together. However, showrunner Marlene King recently revealed that this is not the last we will see of Paige, so there still may be hope!

Alison arrested: Thanks to Spencer and Emily, the police search Mona’s house, finding cameras containing footage of her attack and murder. While the face of murderer cannot be seen, the footage is enough to convince Jason DiLaurentis that his sister may be guilty after all. The police act.

Just before her arrest, Alison makes a poor attempt at running. She tells the girls that A has set her up. “Who’s gonna protect you when I’m gone”? Right, because she’s done such a great job protecting them so far…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

Spencer innocent: The new evidence gives the police reason to believe that Alison was also behind the murder of Bethany Young. All charges against Spencer have finally been dropped.

As the episode wraps up, viewers are led to believe that Alison was telling the truth. Alison isn’t A! In fact, A lets off fireworks to let the girls know that he/she is still a threat. Getting creative there, A.

The excitement from the last two episodes has certainly died down. Expect red herrings, fake reveals, and more questions over the next few episodes. In fact, if this season follows the same pattern as the last, don’t expect any important reveals until the season finale.


Watch the promo for next weeks episode, “Fresh Meat”, below:

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