Must-Listen: Tove Lo’s Raunchy New Hit “Talking Body”

Swedish hit-maker, Tove Lo delivers yet another pop smasher…

“Talking Body” marks the third single off “Habits” songstress, Tove Lo‘s debut album ‘Queen Of The Clouds’.

It’s such a catchy and naughty little jam – “If you love me right, we f**k for life.”

Tove certainly has a good team behind her for making this jam (which I’ve had on repeat since hearing the album back in September last year) a single. A move that is already paying off, with the song already being a top 40 hit in the US!

And of course since it’s a single fans have been treated to a cleverly filmed music video. The video portrays Tove in a fast-paced room-changing video, as she follows her criminal lover throughout clubs and strip clubs.

While Tove teased the video as being just as explicit as the song, the video is considerably tame in nature.

Watch the raunchy track’s music video below: 

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Image: Island



  1. Good team? She couldn't have made this song a single by herself? Would you ever have said that about a male artist? Why do female artists always have to have their “team” mentioned?

    And the album was released in late 2014, so no idea how you could've listened to it in early 2014.

  2. There is no sexism here, I would have said that for a male artist also as artists usually consult with labels in planning their next moves.

    Sorry if it came across in a sexist tone…

    I've also updated the late 2014, as I lost track of time due to the large number of albums released from Sept-Nov last year.

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