Looking Season 2 Premiere “Looking for the Promised Land” Review

Our favourite San Francisco gay guys are back!

It was actually last January since we last saw the gang of Looking grace our screens for the very first time on popular American cable channel, HBO but it feels just like yesterday with the captivating season 2 premiere.

Let’s catchup with who appeared in the first episode of the 2015 season:

Patrick… Looks like things are still hella’ confusing for the central character of the show, as his still conflicted over his feelings and lust for boss, Kevin. Yes they had a lot of steamy hook-ups since last season and did it yet again in the season opener. After getting high on molly Patrick contacted Kevin for yet another booty-call. Umm, Patrick didn’t you just criticise Agustin over his own sexual escapades?

Oh Patrick, I mean both Richie and Kevin are desirable guys but maybe let Kevin sort out his own priorities, instead of trusting the current two-timer. But things may be looking up for Patrick in episode to come as the promos have shown that Richie will be returning?! Or maybe that there is a lot more drama to come.

Dom… Conflicted over dating someone over fifty, Dom tried to put things into perspective by taking vacation in Lynn’s holiday house taking his friends along with him.

After attending that crazy neon jungle party, he although ended up hooking with a random stranger… Oh oh! Looks like more trouble is headed Dom’s way.

Agustin… After a messy conclusion for Agustin last season, he seems to be in recovery mode if the premiere is anything to go by. His let out all his demons after the big break-up last season, and manages to meet a newbie at the crazy ‘Promise Land’ party which kind of put things into perspective for the troubled soul.

He really connected with the newcomer (who I’m unsure we will ever see again), and perhaps the awakening came from learning that the stranger had HIV.

Doris… Doris is everything! While being the only major female on the show she adds that classic queen of the gays best-friend. She’s always on the look out for them, and does truly cares for her friends.

But can someone please help a poor girl out? She needs a bit of sexual loving. It was hilarious when Dom said of her where-abouts after the party, in that she was taken by lesbians.

Verdict: A perfect season opener, which re-accustoms viewers on the events of last season. It miraculously manages to recapture our attention despite being off the air for ages. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!

Overall Rating:

Watch the promo for next week’s episode, “Looking for Results” below:

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Image: HBO