Late to the Party – Sleepy Hollow (Season 1 Episode 7)

No wonder Paul Revere was so fast; he had a mad Hessian Axe wielding rider after him.

Ichabod is amazed at the amount of groceries Abbie has bought for him; I gotta say, so am I! Is this an American thing where everything lasts as long as  Twinkie? Ichabod is shocked that Abbie would pay for water and even more shocked when he hears that the Lake water isn’t safe to drink.
Abbie don’t show Ichabod An Inconvenient Truth… I don’t think his poor little heart could take it.
Picture: Not an actual Native American
They seem to be bunkering down since the Horseman will be there within the hour… and did anyone expect Ichabod to hide during this time just because the Horseman can know kill him? Also I am disappointed they didn’t do more with the Horesman not being able to kill Ichabod cause it certainly was never mentioned before last episode.

Oh hey, it’s.. you… ex boyrfirend guy. Yep… still don’t care. Oh wait, it’s Andy in an Alley. Looks like they are bringing ex-boyfirend into the adventure more, yay?

Uh oh, looks like something fishy has happened down at the Freemasons house, for a moment I’m worried it will just be Ichabod against the horseman but Abbie shows up too. Now it’s a party. The horseman has left however, taking some Freemason heads as party favours.

Irving again is being a really stand up cop; still not quiet believing Abbie and Ichabod but giving them a bit of room to believe in the impossible. Ichabod works out that Horesman was searching for his head; glad we have some consistency. Abbie and Ichabod want to destroy the head, Irving is not thrilled to say the least but he checks out the head anyway… and ohhhhhhhh noooooo! The Horseman is showing up. Don’t you dear tell me that Irving is so understanding because the show has marked him for death.

Then suddenly a gun fight between Irving and the Horesman with a Matrix style axe throw… it’s everything I didn’t know I wanted. I also like the pure absurdity of the axe decapitating a raven on the wall. Nice touch.

Irving gets out with the head! Go Irving! Welcome to the scooby gang! Now Ichabod and Abbie have a montage of trying to destroy the head, however it turns out magic skulls of the embodiment of death? Pretty sturdy.

Looks like Abbie and Ichabod have a new quest, find manuscript to learn how to battle death, Ichabod goes off to annoy uninformed Museum instructors and converse about the ridiculousness of being charged for water. Adorable, although probably not the best time. Remember those Mason brother who got turned into Jack-o-lanterns? Try and stay focused on the mission. Good news is the manuscript is online, cue Ichabod trying to use a computer.

Also cue Ichabod giving Abbie some dating tops about Captain dull, who has traded dull in for looking sleepy deprived and jump edits. Which an interesting character does not make.

Andy appears behind Abbie and immediately gets should smacked for his trouble, boy don’t you know not to sneak up on a well trained woman. It’s gonna end with you jaw dislocated. There spooky conversation is interrupted by Ichabod ending up on a sex website… Oh Ichabod, welcome to the 21st Century.

Porn! Porn! Porn!

Ichabod has solved the mystery of the cypher, as Revere had hidden the code word on the back of the Horseman’s teeth. They need to trap the Horseman in a cage of light; having no witch to summon daylight Abbie suggests UV light. Irving gets brought in to help set the trap up and Ichabod has to learn some hard truths about how his friends may not have been a noble as he though, starting with Thomas Jefferson. Spoken over a cute little montage of getting the house ready for the wet bandits… oh wait I mean the Headless Horseman. It’s time for sundown… and wait… wait… is that what I think it is?


I’m so happy right now.
Ichabod rides through the graveyard with the Horseman in hot pursuit, with them having turned his skull into a lantern. The help it blend in with the Halloween toys they bought. A bit of subterfuge and Abbie playing the damsel card and BOOM! Right in the trap! I’m sad that there is no way this will last past one or two episodes. But for now, good job team. Hit the showers and get some Waffles.