HTGAWM returns for it’s final course of freshman episodes…

There was no beating around the bush in How To Get Away With Murder‘s 2015 season return, “Hello Raskolnikov”.

Let’s take a look at the new developments after the epicness that was the mid-season finale.

The puppet master… Annalise Keating is certainly a powerful women, if this episode is anything to go by.

I mean she orchestrated all of Wes’s actions, from burning the body to dumping his remains. Moving forward, she managed to get all the evidence to prove that her husband was a killer and has ran off to avoid the consequences, which managed to disprove Rebecca as being a suspect in killing Lila.

Oh and can we say how awesome it was when Annalise faced the women bitching about her in the toilets? Classic Viola Davis right there, how can anyone not love her and the character?

Okay some theories of mine, does anyone sense a sort of mother-figure relationship now with Wes (after that strange encounter in the pilot?!). Perhaps Annalise has lost a child in the past, which makes her feel so strongly towards Wes? Anyway that’s a crazy theory of mine.

Who killed Lila for real?… It seems to breezy that Sam was indeed Lila’s killer, perhaps he was just trying to cover his tracks of being so involved with the young girl – which would lead to him being convicted for killing her.

Could Annalise actually have murdered the girl after discovering the affair and baby (maybe Annalise can’t produce kids *which leads into her feeling so close to Wes* and being so furious Sam impregnated another women.. Or perhaps it’s someone closer to home who killed Lila (that we least expect).

If the next episode titles are anything to go by, we will learn the truth very soon.

Connor’s flawed self… Of course he would be the first to crack and join forces with Michaela (who seemed like new besties this episode) to turn themselves in. So selfish these two are that they decided to head down and turn themselves in by recruiting Laurel too (after Frank confronted her over learning the truth from Annalise!).


Laurel saves the day… Once again Laurel proved to be the most humane and caring of the group by right away notifying Wes over the betrayer’s plot to throw them all under the bus. GO LAUREL!

Thanks to Laurel, the whole truth was not dragged out but let known by the whole group that Annalise knows the truth and has got their back! Aww, for the mother side of Annalise coming out promising to protect them.

* Side note* Who else likes Bonnie and Asher together? (the only two that don’t know about the murder plot yet)

Evil has a sister?… Hannah Keating (played by Marcia Gay Harden) has officially arrived and is set to stir up some trouble, as the closing moments of the episode showed Connor contacting Annalise that Sam’s sister has arrived and telling the authorities that Annalise in not to be trusted and a LIAR!

Could there be a possible truth to this? Or does Sam’s sister just have it out for Annalise?!

With only 3 episodes left till the season finale, things are gonna get a hell lot crazy.

“Thank God I don’t have a  gun, otherwise I’d shoot her myself”- Watch the promo for next week’s episode below:

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