Fall Out Boy – ‘American Beauty/ American Psycho’ (Album Review)

Everyone’s favourite pop-rock prodigies Fall Out Back are back! And they’re louder (and prouder) than ever with their upcoming release ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’. Only two years since their last record, Fall Out Boy are bringing 2015 in with a bang, and it’s everything your inner rocker has been waiting for. AB/AP is essentially a nod to current pop cultures with the events from the past 100 years being a major influence of the boys’ sound this time around, while still incorporating their classic brand of powerful rock tracks. This is their sixth album and its clear to see the boys have aged with their craft, the music is reminiscent of the earlier days while incorporating lyrics that represent the events plaguing our society. Fall Out Boy describes this album as “the odd place where light and dark meet” and it’s exactly that, it’s got the funky tunes you want to dance too and the heavier tracks that leave you thinking about the politics and world issues.

The title track is Fall Out Boy’s latest single, which samples Motley Crue’s “Too Fast for Love”, American Beauty/American Psycho is a throwback to classic rock tracks with elements of pop culture. It’s the perfect representation of light and dark in the world, and in music and how the two can work together. A good portion of the album is a nod to the darker aesthetic, the ‘American Psycho’ element of the world. It’s got grungy, thrash instrumentals and powerful lyrics describing everything that’s wrong with the world. The lighter tracks “Uma Thurman”,”Favorite Record” and “Immortals” give you reason to groove, they’re less serious with catchier repetitive riffs. The way the tracks blend together seamlessly even when their contrasting the previous dark lyrics and sound is one of the reasons Fall Out Boy is one of the best, well-formed bands in the game.

Album Standouts: Irresistible, Centuries, Novocaine and Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)


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