Eye Candy – Series Premiere (Review)

MTV brings about another promising new scripted drama…

Welcome to Eye Candy! A brand new MTV series featuring Nickelodeon alumn Victoria Justice.

If you missed or got a little lost in the premiere, here’s a run-down on everything to take note off:

A dark past… Not only has the main character, Lindy (Victoria Justice) already lost her parents but in the opening scenes of the show we see her conflicted relationship with her sister take a turn for the worst as she is abruptly abducted at a drive-thru.

While the kidnapping scene was quite unrealistic – I mean getting stuck in between two poles and having to jump out the window to save her sister is pushing it. But with this new MTV show, disbelief should be left at the door as it is simply unrealistic at times despite addressing the curren influx of dating apps.

Friendly introductions… The pilot does a good job of accustoming viewers with a new bunch of characters, with relatively unknown cast members (minus Justice).

Firstly is her co-worker, George who helps her conduct technological investigations at work in hopes of someday finding her abducted sister (who is most likely alive). Then we have two close friends, Sophie & Connor (Connor is although best friend of her roommate and doesn’t particularly call Lindy a friend) while Sophie is her closest friend and roommate.

Then comes the love triangle, two who just so happen to be detectives (told you dispel belief a bit with this show), we’ll get back to the love story later though.

Dating goes awry…  Before the opening credits roll in, viewers are shown a romantic date that goes horribly wrong. From here, it is clear that the show is addressing the current risks of online dating.

Lindy, who then conducts an investigation into learning what happened to the missing girl ends up coming back to bite her when best friend, Sophie sets up a profile on a popular dating app (think Tinder).

Becoming the next target for the crazed mass murderer, Lindy then becomes stalked and watched by the menacing psycho (think Sorority Row, I Know What You Did Last Summer mixed with Pretty Little Liars).

Determined to find who’s behind the attacks, Lindy begins retracing her matches from the app, thinking that the culprit was one of her dates. Senses tell me though that none of them are involved, while someone close to her is attacking her.

Shock death, and its just the pilot? Now this is where the love story comes into play, as her detective lover Ben (who Lindy has just reignited with) and protected ends up in the cross-fire due to a false video depicting her best friend in trouble. He is then murdered as the episode comes to a close, proving that the show isn’t afraid to shock and is no Pretty Little Liar kinda show.

The big mystery… Get your theory caps on now TV lovers, as we have embarked on yet another mystery whodunnit. Who is the killer? Where is Lindy’s sister & Why is she being targeted?

Suspicions so far – Her best friend, Sophie or detective no. 2, Tommy who miraculously came to help Lindy when discovering Ben’s dead body.

VERDICT: A promising start to a potentially great new drama/mystery despite its sometimes over-the-top depictions of events.

Overall Rating: