Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 ‘Midnight City’ Recap

Arrow wakes from an incredibly troubling dream, which I really thought was going to be Felicity’s nightmare when it first started. However Arrow is back up, well mostly up, he’s clearly still a bit sore form the sword through the chest.

Oh look, it’s comic book trope 101, woman being saved in an alley from rape. This trope is often found in the works of Alan Moore, renowned comic creator, wizard and generally scary human being.

Pictured above: A very brilliant, scary man.
Black Canary shows up to kick some ass and, well A for effort Laurel. It is good to see she still has her training wheels on and takes a cut to the arm. Arsenal is there to help out but the cat is out of the bag in regards to Laurel wearing the mask. Diggle and Roy are both very surprised that the person who kept dressing up like her sister has continued to dress up like her sister despite them telling her not to. 
Palmer is off to a meeting with the mayor and is bringing a very despondent Felicity with him, I am heartbroken to see her so down. She’s always been such a bright spot in the show. The meeting about what the city should do about Brick (yay Vinnie Jones) is interrupted by Brick. Laurel manages to capture a bad guy with the power of high heels… feminism? or sexism? I’m unsure about it.
Three Alderman are captured, causing me to go to Google to look up what an alderman is.
Oliver is undergoing some more healing from Maseo and Katana (I don’t care if the show hasn’t started calling her it yet, that’s what I’ll call her); the two have clearly broken up at some point and I’m very concerned about where there son should be. Maybe he’s hanging out with Oliver’s son in Central City?
Detective Lance is worried about Sara and Laurel continues to lie to him to protect him; this is understandably tearing herself up inside so she goes to Star City (I noticed Brick called it Star and not Starling… did a name change happen when I wasn’t looking?) therapy… which is to say putting on a mask and doing some vigilante work. It, doesn’t go too well.
Laurel and Roy end up not stopping Brick, and Vinnie showing what a strong bad guy he is this season, straight up kills one of the nameless alderman saying it’s on them. Brick has told the Mayor that he wants to Parlay.
Merlyn is trying to convince Thea to leave but she isn’t having any of it. Laurel is ready to give up the mask after feeling the death of the alderman on her hands but Felicity shows up, slightly inspired by some of Ray’s words Felicity and Laurel come around. Saying they aren’t doing this for the memory of those who have died but to protect those who are living. It’s a really good scene between these two and I’d like them to have some more please.
Brick and the Mayor meet up, he tells them to get out of the Glades or he’ll kill the other two Alderman… and no, what? No, is anyone considering this? Look it sucks for the aldermen, but… it’s putting thousands of people at risk; people who are already disadvantaged from an earthquake that killed half of the, for the lives of two? No….. just, no.
The team gets back together and make a plan, Felicity borrows Ray’s helicopter and they get down to business, the fight scene is strong but really poorly lit. It’s a little too dark to really make out a lot of the choreography. It ends up with Laurel facing off against Brick, a swift groin to the knees and Black Canary is out the window to the helicopter… is Laurel only going to use ‘strong female character’ fighting tropes? But hey, as long as she ends every one with a jump to a helicopter.
In flash back we see that Maseo was willing to trade the bio weapon to save Katana, although Waller guessed what he’d play and swapped it for a fake. They still manage to get Katana out anyway. In the present, Oliver and Katana have failed to convince Maseo not to go back to the league. Thea convinces Merlyn to star in Starling city and to fight, Laurel pretending to be Sara talks to her father and we find out the mayor has pulled the police out of the Glades, Felicity is going to help Ray get his suit working and it turns out Magic DJ boy is in fact with the league himself!