Arrow Season 3 Episode 10 ‘The Return’ Recap

Last episode left off with Oliver suffering from a bad case of sword in the chest and myself very excited to see how they handle this; I know enough about the DC Universe to know about the Lazarus pit. The mystical power that allows Ra’s to keep coming back again and again. However I had hoped that since it isn’t common knowledge among the casual TV audience that they really would try and build up the drama a bit. This episode ends with Oliver having recovered from his case of death and never having any real suspense for the audience about it.

That said the episode is at it’s best following team Arrow trying to deal with the possible and then confirmed loss of Oliver. They however keep coming into the office everyday and fighting crime, with Diggle cosplaying as the Arrow *squee*. Arsenal really is killing it, I’m really looking forward to him getting some more attention as a hero, so far his drama has mostly been Thea or super serum related. Are you as excited as I am Roy?

The team however is struggling without Sempai Oliver and they catch one but the other gets away, back at the Quiver, Felicity is unwilling to discuss the possibility that Oliver is dead. Which is understandable, she has thought he’s been dead a few times and he’s come back, whereas the ever practical Diggle knows the odds are against him.

We also flashback to Hong Kong where the boys want to rescue Katana, Waller wants to stop bio terrorism… or use bio terrorism… it’s always hard to tell when it comes to the Wall.

Ray Palmer is testing some of his tech, it’s going the boring kind of bad rather than the blow up your office kind of bad so I guess that’s a good thing. Felicity is feeling incredibly uncomfortable about helping another friend go into danger.

Laurel’s in the court room kicking ass! I really would like a bit more on Laurel’s day job, something I think we’ll be getting less of the closer she gets to her night job. Although… I think that might just be a different show.

Team *missing* Arrow has tracked down the big bad of the episode… and oh my god it’s VINNIE!! I love you Vinnie! Even if you do scare me a little.

And here we get into the problem of the episode, we see the corpse of Oliver and someone walking towards it; straight away we know  the Oliver is going to be back and back soon. Come on show, the ending was so strong, don’t ruin it, leave us in some suspense.

Vinnie Jones (a.k.a Brick) doesn’t take too kindly to people getting the police involved and the one who got away ends up a little worse for ware. Diggle finds a clue hidden around the remains. In the mean time it is revealed that the Quiver is really easy to break into. Merlyn is checking up to see if Oliver is alive, as Thea is getting very concerned that her brother hasn’t come home. Felicity is adamant that he must still be alive. Malcom goes off, finds the sword the killed Oliver and makes it back… apparently within the hour. So I guess it turns out that all this time it was actually Merlyn who was the Reverse Flash.

Thea asks Roy to check in with the Arrow if he’s seen Oliver, having realised that Roy is the guy in the red hood. Yay for having someone recognise the obvious, seriously cause I watched Sailor Moon I always expect everyone to have face blindness.

Felicity is done with team Arrow, but when they find out Brick’s plan involve releasing every criminal Arrow placed away since he stopped Slade. Felicity may not want to stay in the team but she isn’t going to let Oliver’s efforts get washed away. However when Diggle and Arsenal get in a fist fight with Brick in a truck Felicity closes the gate, letting Brick escape and ensuring her friends don’t get hurt. This also promotes her to tell Ray she won’t help him become a vigilante because she doesn’t want to see another friend die.

Diggle breaks the news to Thea about Oliver and clearly she is still concerned about what happens to Starling City if Team Arrow doesn’t fight anymore. And oh! OH! Is it time? Yes it is! Time for the unveil of the new Black Canary!

Although I still miss Sara a lot.
If only there was some way to bring her back… in fact why the hell didn’t I pick up on that earlier? Sara is the lover of not Talia, why didn’t not Talia take her body back and pull a Lazarus? Well because it turns out it isn’t Ra’s who is bringing people back to life but Katana (who is not dead *yay*). This is an interesting change from the source material and I can’t really see a reason for it yet as we know Ra’s is too old for what he looks like so some form of magic has to be going on there.
Let’s hope we find out why next week.