Agent Carter 1×02 ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ Recap

Let’s take a look back at what happened on the second episode of Agent Carter!

*Beware of Spoilers*
Episode 2 opens with a radio program mimicking the ‘damsel in distress’ story trope, with Captain America the hero of the tale.  The very meta program is cleverly entwined throughout the episode alongside Carter’s action packed scenes, challenging gender roles and putting the Agent in position of ‘hero’.  She really is the hero we’ve all been waiting for.
Carter’s obvious disgust at the program is backed up in her buddying friendship with Angie the diner waitress, who discusses Carter’s plans to find another apartment with her. These seemingly commonplace scenes between the action act as a successful attempt to normalise Carter as ‘just like other girls’ in the New York setting, and frankly it’s a pleasure to watch.
Now, back to the promised action.  Here’s a run down:
In the first episode we see Stark’s stolen molecular nitramine formula come to life with hundreds of bombs hidden in a Dairy Clover milk truck.  Carter’s second undercover mission so far (one for each episode it seems, and a great opportunity for Atwell to show off her American accent) gives her the name of the truck driver, Sheldon McFee, and her next lead.
Meanwhile the detectives go talk to Roxon, the owner of the blown up facility, and discover Vita Rays are involved (again one step behind Carter’s investigation). With Agent Carter’s help they use the Vita Ray detector to test the Roxon employees, when Carter recognises Van Ert from her previous nights investigation and they catch and arrest him (well, Carter does, using her brilliant agent skills of hitting him over the knees with a brief case after he runs off). 
Back at the office Detective Sousa’s analysis of the photographs from the club threatens to blow Carter’s private investigation and provide great suspense throughout the episode.
While the detectives aren’t getting anywhere with their interrogation of Van Ert, Carter and Jarvis make their way to McFee’s house where they find the milk truck full of bombs and the man who double crossed the mysterious Leviathan and stole them; Leet Brannis.
Their attempt to drive the truck back to New York is threatened when the shadowy green suit working for Leviathan intercepts the truck with a mission to take out Brannis and Carter.  Shots between this high speed action on the milk truck and the swing music filled car of detectives slowly making their way to McFee’s house provide humour to the tension and suspense of the fight.
Brannis is shot in the struggle and while Carter and green suit fight on the top of the truck, one of the bombs is detonated, giving them thirty seconds to jump off the truck as it drives into the river and explodes. 
Brannis dies as he draws a sign in the dirt, which appears to be very similar to the Hydra sign, and the detectives finally catch up to the abandoned scene left to figure out what happened. 
A touching scene between Jarvis and Carter brings back the sub plot to normalise the Agent, as he emphasises that she needs people who care about her to support her, reminding Carter that Captain Rodgers relied heavily on her for support.  The talk is obviously effective as Carter decides to move next door to Angie, hopefully making way for a great friendship in episodes to come.
The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Detective Krzeminski finds a clue in the Roxon facility wreckage, a number plate belonging to the car owned by Stark, while the radio program plays in the background.
Bring on episode three!