The Veronicas debut a revolutionary-themed music video for their lovetastic new single…

The Veronicas are quite the revolutionary pair of twin sisters, in which you can tell from taking a quick glimpse of their social-media accounts.

Following through with their brave statements, the twins have come through with an inspiring video embodying the messages they hold dear to them for their brand new single “If You Love Someone”, off their long awaited self-titled album.

The video is also beautifully shot with an atmospheric and grungy look which actually has us reminiscing over their debut “4Ever” video, only more mature and freedom inspiring.

There’s also nods to Sea Shepherd who are a non-profit, marine conservation organization who aim to protect our animal counter-parts, along with a nod to popular alternative media revolutionary Russell Brand!

Love that these girls are all for freedom-thinking and awakening the minds of our generation!

Watch the inspiring video below:

– Shahbaz Malik
Image: Sony Music Australia