Just when you think we can get Bonnie back home and everyone’s happily ever after, Kai ruins the fairy tale ending once again. This week’s instalment is full of heartache, tears and even death; it’s certainly one you don’t want to miss.

Damon + Elena, the dream team once again?
Just episodes before you wouldn’t find Damon and Elena in the same room together but the pair have been spending some quality time together and it’s easy to see that Bonnie isn’t the only reason; the flames of their relationship are slowly rekindling!

With the help of a compelled Alaric and a drunken Jo we see Damon with the ascendant in his hands and saving a damsel in distress on the top of his to do list. Recruiting Elena as his faithful side kick and Liv as puppet master of the entire operation, Damon sets out on a mission with a 8 hour deadline to rescue Bonnie from the repeating prison of 1994.
Big Bad Kai
While Damon and Elena time warp back to 1994, Kai has just entered the 21st century and he’s more than willing to leave a trail of bodies to make up for lost time. First on his hit list is Liv, he finds her at the bar, she discovers his true identity only just narrowly escapes his grasp, with thanks to Tyler saving the day. Of course Kai isn’t too disheartened by Liv’s escape, he drained some of her magic in his heist and he’s got some catching up to do with our favourite vampire Damon. It all goes down as Damon and Elena are whisked out of 1994 before retrieving Bonnie at the cemetery, at Bonnie’s gravestone it’s an epic duel that showcases Kai’s latest magical feats and leaves the ascendant smashed to pieces. We’re left to see both Damon and Elena hurt and devastated while Kai makes his way to Mystic Falls to complete some unfinished business.

Bonnie’s Heartache
Once again, like Jeremy we get our hopes up thinking that Bonnie might actually return and then we’re left with broken dreams. Bonnie did all she could, hot-wired a car and started a crazy road trip back to Mystic Falls with Damon and Elena waiting for her after being left on the Gemini Covens property. She made it back with time to spare, racing over to Elena’s childhood home only to have her heart ripped out of her chest as she realizes they aren’t there, she’s still stuck. With nothing left to do but cry, we last see bonnie having an emotional breakdown on the porch. 
(And us an emotional breakdown in our bedrooms)

Will episode 10 leave us with happy hearts or fresh tears before the Christmas break?