Revenge 4×09 “Intel” Review

Revenge turned down the revelations this week, but still gave us some well-needed character development.

Victoria’s new leaf? Okay let’s start with the aftermath of Victoria’s hospital encounter. 
She told David that she wanted honesty, that her life-threatening moment made her learn that she wants a more saint-like new life.  
Honesty? Pfft.. Victoria just dug herself another hole by sending a note to go after Emily. “The answer is Emily Thorne” for those who couldn’t quite make out what she wrote, and sent it direct to Malcolm Black – the ‘supposed’ enemy of David Clarke.
Umm, that sounds about right Vic… David said he will not leave without his daughter, only for you to think that the best option is to rid of her for good.
BUT I will remain true to my gut feeling (after-all she doesn’t know Emz saved her life while she was in hospital), and hope that she will eventually join forces with Emily. It’s the only way both Emily and Victoria will find peace with David.
P.S David actually looks like David again, now that his shaved.
Nolan stays true to his morals…  After making a deal with Margaux in the previous episode to regain his reputation, Nolan did NOT follow through after seeing the damaging repercussions on Louise.
Yes, he knows she’s mentally unstable but that’s not her fault.. and remained true to his guns by not bringing others down to up himself on the social ladder, remaining a trustworthy and loyal friend. Aww, Nolan!

In keeping with the friends theme, David also reconciled with Nolan over his very public damaging interview disaster. He also found Emily’s broken promise of staying out of her fathers business.. and as the episode is rightfully titled.. delivered that intel to David himself.
There is a theory out there although, that David maybe lying and using Nolan. I sincerely hope not as Emily will be damaged knowing she protected a man she thought was innocent. 
It sounds extremely viable though, so don’t drop this theory as mere rumours as it would be devastating!
Demily… These scenes are everything! After that elevator scene, I just can’t help but love the new dynamic between these two. Yes, they both hurt each other in ways impossible of recovery… but Daniel was right, they are the same person.
They both acted selfishly – Emily on hurting everyone just to avenge her father and Daniel for being like his father, and yeah shooting Emily (causing her to never fall pregnant).  I wonder if the pregnancy stuff will unfold to be false though and that Emily can actually have kids… 
But until then, let’s just appreciate how both Emily and Daniel listened to each others advice yet again! Emily wearing her heart on her sleeve with Ben (after a horrid first date), and Daniel fighting for Margaux. 
The biggest shock of the night… Margaux is PREGNANT! 
Okay, sorry I’m so done with pregnancy storylines. It seems like a lame attempt to be shocking these days. It adds no value whatsoever anymore, as so many shows use this plot-device when they run out of ways to end something on a cliffhanger. After all the shocking revelations from previous weeks, this was kind of a letdown… sorry.
Wait, the REAL shock of the night… Redeeming that lame pregnancy cliffhanger, was the shock-horror that the FBI gal warming up to Jack is actually bad! Okay, that’s a bit better of a cliffhanger.. but can Jack ever catch a break? 
Mind you it was kinda obvious she was playing for the baddies, I mean the way she hit on Jack after only recently being partnered with him was kind of iffy. She won in the end though as Jack fell for her feminine charm. 
Oh oh! Watch out Emily, looks like Vic’s message was delivered to this conniving new femme- fatale… who now also happens be bedding your childhood love!

Overall Rating:

Oh, and someone DIES next week…

– Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC