It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for, the highly anticipated PLL Christmas special! This time around they’ve ditched the Halloween special for a much more festive episode, but never fear it’s just as creepy as ever.  Just because our favourite liars are lacking in festive spirit doesn’t mean ‘A’ is, A doesn’t take a holiday break, oh no A is just getting started. We see ghosts, gifts and too many Santa’s to keep up with but is it all part of the production teams plan to leave us in the dark? It’s an episode that leaves you with no answers just an urge to watch the rest of season 5.

Settle into your sleigh and get ready to open my tasty little treats because I’ve got everything you need to know about this festive episode.

Mona’s gifts from the afterlife
Mona might be gone but it doesn’t mean she’s stopped giving; she was smart enough to leave a package to Hanna in case anything ever happened to her. In the parcel delivered by her estate manager was a detailed map of Ali’s home, it’s time for a raid mission! Is the missing piece in finally clearing Spencer’s name in the Bethany murder case?
We’re also visited by a vision of Mona, more like a Christmas Angel who likes to mess with Ali in her dreams. In a flash back style dream Mona guides us on a journey that takes us to Ali’s childhood where we get to see a little connection to Bethany and just how messed up Ali and her mother are.
The Charity Ice Ball
Essentially a night fabricated to confuse us poor viewers and to send the liars round the twist, it’s hosted by none other than Alison Dilaurentis and this is where it starts to get weird. First off we see the liars patiently waiting for Ali’s arrival so Hanna and Spencer can start their snooping mission. Once Ali makes her grand entrance with four of her minions who are cleverly masked, they’re off to find the dirt. But who are the minions you wonder? The twins and Jenna and Sydney, yep that’s right they’ve joined team Ali but according to them it’s for protection, what’s that saying… Keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Who knows where this storyline is headed.

Then we see Ali sneak off and lock lips with Santa Claus, but behind the beard it’s revealed to be Detective Holbrook! Just when we thought our resident good cop was just here to solve the case, it’s clear to see he must know more than he lets on. (Told you it gets confusing)

But wait! There’s more…
Remember CeCe Drake?  For reasons unknown to everyone she’s back, for Ali.

The Ali Raid
Sneaking away from the Chaos of the ball equipped with the floor plans from Mona, Spencer and Hanna narrowly escape from ‘A’ who obviously knew exactly what they were up too. Evidence that Ali and Bethany we’re clearly friends and information needed to possibly clear spencer is discovered; a letter written from Bethany to stating how excited she was to spend Labour Day weekend with Ali. (The weekend Bethany was murdered). Before Hanna narrowly avoids her death she also finds Ali’s escape plan, a passport with a new identity ‘Holly Varjak’ hidden in a birdcage. How does Ali even keep up with all her lies!

Oh and after all that chaos this happened.
 And just when you thought we could believe in Christmas miracles we’re left with knowing that ‘A’ sees when you’re sleeping, ‘A’ knows when you’re awake and ‘A’ knows when you’ve been bad or good… So Merry Christmas Bitches