Late to the Party – Sleepy Hollow Recap S1 E6

And we are back, after a couple of weeks of break the Sleepy Hollow Re-caps are here, now with far more GIF’s since I’ve learnt how to use them.

First up we have Abbie explaining to Ichabod the wonder that is Baseball… and I’m with Ichabod here. I just don’t get it. That may be because I am a poor little Australian but Baseball just never did it for me.

However watching Ichabod try to backtalk the ref when a call hasn’t even been made reminds me why I love this adorkable hero. I will never tire of watching him and Abbie; I have no idea if they end up making this a romance or keep it as a bromance but either way I love them.

Ichabod goes to visit Katrina and then gets kidnapped… woah woah… what? What just happened? No, show you can’t do that to me!

Abbies is driving along…

No no, I’m not ready to move on. Show you better not lay a finger on my British boy.

Anyway; Abbie is driving along and apparently forgot to stop, revive survive as she drifts or is pulled into a vision? Along with some creepy as hell imagery there is also the horseman there. Shhiiiiii…

It turns out Katrina has brought Abbie here to warn her of the horseman’s return; saying he will be in Sleepy Hollow at sundown and that Ichabod has been captured. Abbie needs to find a sin eater to break the connection to the Horseman cause one cannot live while the other survives.

Wait… wrong supernatural story.

Abbie jumps back to the real world just in time to avoid being run over by a truck… seriously Katrina I know it’s urgent but couldn’t you wait till she wasn’t driving a moving vehical?

Abbie goes to tell Irving about what she’s heard… he is somewhat dubious.

Irving, again to his credit, is willing to give Abbie the room to work even though he doesn’t believe it… I am very suspicious of him to be honest. Irving is just a little to ready to believe. Abbie goes to get her sister cause Irving gave her a 24 hour get out of the asylum pass. So we have Abbie and Jenny on a quest to save Ichabod from danger?

It’s all I ever wanted.

Ichabod it turns out have been captured by the Free Masons; it’s okay Ichabod just use the secret handshake.

It’s flash back time as we see Ichabod’s turn from being a red coat to freedom fighter. He was brought into interrogate a free’d slave named Arthur Bernard, and Ichabod seems ready to do it however this is also when he meets Katrina and goes all week at the knees. It’s nice to see Katrina not being generic witch but getting a better look at her character.

Abbie and Jenny are following down an old lead for a sin eater who use to absolve those going to death row.

In the past Ichabod continues to interrogate Arthur, it’s pretty awful to see and Ichabod is also clearly having moral issues as a different three men are executed. Arthur had warned Ichabod of the existence of demons, and it looks as though one is actually his commanding officer.

Ichabod and Katrina have a moment and it’s very touching; they have a strong but understated  chemisty.

Speaking of chemisty with Ichabod; Abbie is sharing with Jenny about how Ichabod has made her feel like she belongs, that she had a purpose where before she had only felt adrift. After some banter with Jenny they track down the sin eater, asking for his help, The sin eater refuses to sever the tie but does tell them where they can find Ichabod.

In flashback Ichabod has been ordered to kill Arthur; Ichabod is clearly struggling as he does still fell loyal to the crown but also wants to be merciful. He ends up letting Arthur escape however his commanding officer kills Arthur and then fights Ichabod as a demon. Ichabod escapes and makes his way to Katrina, telling her the secret words to the club house and then collapses.

It turns out the Free Masons want Ichabod dead so that the horseman will also die; which I hate to say is fair. One life to save the world; seems far to good to be true which leads me to believe it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Abbie however tracks him down; refusing to accept that Ichabod has to die although Ichabod is ready to make that sacrifice. And drinks the poison.

My reaction.

The sin eater arrives at the last moment to break the connection. Yayyyyyyyyy!

But the horseman is also back. Booooooooo! (but secretly yay cause the plot is moving forward)