Arrow/Flash Recap S3 E8 – Brave and the Bold

This week of Arrow becomes crowded as the Quiver is invaded by the cast of Flash for a giant crossover.

Whoops wrong picture.
There we go; our good old misery guts of a hero.
This episode starts with Arrow and Arsenal chasing down Captain Boomerang who has been teased now for two episodes if you include the last Flash episode. However it turns out the house is booby trapped and Boomerang has already escaped; although a few Argus agents are hanging around, they call Arrow a jerkwad and then leave…
Yeah well, you’r a poopy head.
At the Quiver the team works out that Boomerang is ex-Argus and Diggle goes to ask his ex(totally ex guys, this show really wants you to remember that these two aren’t married anymore… I can’t think of any reason why they must be stressing the ex part so much this episode)-wife about Boomerang. She is unsurprisingly less then willing to talk about secret Argus business.
Flash back time as we see Waller trying to get Oliver to torture someone for the location of a bomb; I have to wonder if this is a set up. I could totally see Waller set up a fake bomb scare to motivate Oliver to turn him into the weapon she needs; Waller is slowly starting to act more like the Wall which is good.
Although Oliver torture is bad; I am glad that past you agrees to this as present you doesn’t really share that belief.
Felicity is at work, however there is no shirtless Palmer working out to distract me… I mean her. However team Flash does show up, while they say they are there to pick up the blood sample Felicity asked for help with (the blood sample that I’m willing to bet will prove Ra’s al Ghul was the one who killed Sarah); but clearly Cisco is just dying to fanboy out in the Quiver. I refuse to call it the Arrow-Cave now.
Oliver is less then happy at people actually showing excitement in the Quiver, and has to continuously tell Cisco not to touch things.
It is adorable, and after all the angst that has been around of late team Flash is adding some much needed levity to the mix. Back at A.R.G.U.S headquarters Diggle is asking very nicely to please know about Boomerang and Lyla isn’t budging. It becomes a bit of a mute point when Boomerang attacks right then and there; Diggle calls in backup; which then also leads team Flash to call in back up as well.
I do love Caitlin’s ‘they’ll never make it in time’. Yes they well; police work and vigilante work has been a thing long before Barry got his super speed.
I am surprised they have made Boomerang such a credible threat; he was always… a B-list villain at best in my memory. Still if Gail Simone can turn the joke that was Catman into a certified dignified badass then Arrow can make Boomerang into a threat that can go hand to hand with both Arrow and Arsenal. However once Barry shows up Boomerang leaves, complete with a smoke bomb and manages to somehow completely disappear. Wait; I thought Oliver was the one trying to be Batman?
It turns out Boomerang was a member of the Suicide Squad and was meant to be ‘sanitized’ when a mission when south. Obviously he avoided having his head exploded and is back for vengeance against Lyla who ordered the execution.
Barry is just bursting at the seems to team up with Oliver who is clearly uncomfortable with being around Barry at work. Which I can kind of understand; I don’t think it’s just jealousy it’s something more then that. Barry, who has managed to deal with his baggage and has only taken lethal force in life or death situations is a reminder of everyone of Oliver’s shortcomings. Oliver has a lot of feelings.
Arrow agrees to the Flash helping out as long as he plays by his rules, Flash agrees and honestly looks like he could squee at any moment. As they follow down leads Flash keeps doing things before Oliver has a chance to finish the giving commands because he’s just so happy to be there. However when it comes down to torture the veil is pulled away from Barry’s eyes and he has to actually confront all the things he’s heard about Oliver’s methods.
It’s somewhat heartbreaking to see Barry become disillusioned with his hero; Oliver tries to throw the ‘my mother was killed in front of me’ card but forgets Barry also had that card in his hand. While I do think that was a bad card to pay, Oliver’s dad also killed himself in front of him so that Oliver could survive and was tortured for multiple years and is clearly suffering from serious psychological problems as a result.
When will someone get this boy some therapy… that goes for Thea too!
In a flashback we see that Oliver hesitated to torture the person and as a result the bombs did go off, killing many people. Waller is upset; and I would say some of this is on her head. She did put all those people at risk by trying to get Oliver to do it rather than one of her trained officers.
Flash and Arrow are chasing down Boomerang when it reveals they have been had, and he was backtracking the phone to find the Quiver; where he starts attacking the ladies. Lyla takes a boomerang to the shoulder in one of the far more violent looking wounds on the show. I know there have been far worse injuries but somehow that one just made me shudder.
Flash gets her to a hospital in time; and then gives Oliver his pep talking. Talking about how the things he’s done aren’t what has been robbing him of his humanity but it is his humanity that has kept him alive so far. It seems like this episode may be a real turning point for Oliver in the same way Tommy’s death was.
However Boomerang is still on the loose and when they confront him it turns out that just in case he had set up five bombs across the city; meaning they can try and save people or stop him.
Really this is probably the most competent Arrow villain we have met yet; I think only Captain Cold from Flash might be able to compete with him so far.
Oliver now has a chance to prove to himself that he can save the day without having to resort to the methods Waller wanted him to learn; with a little help from his friends he’s able to do just that. Barry and the others stop the bombs while Arrow fights Boomerang one on one.
Lyla wakes up in the hospital and Diggle proposes to her (see I knew the brought up the ex part to often this episode). As Team Flash are about to leave Oliver gives Barry a place to leave a spare super suit; meaning they have officially moved in together… wait I think I have that wrong.
Cisco also gives Oliver a new suit, saying he kept the hood because it had symbolic meaning. It’s a very sweet moment to wrap up a very strong episode; which had team Flash realise that the this whole thing isn’t just a game and sometimes things are going to get dark. While team Arrow has learnt that they don’t really have to be as ruthless as the people they chase and it is okay to let a little joy into their life.
Which completely follows with how this season has been building, Felicity seems to be moving further towards Palmer in her quest for happiness while Oliver is accepting that he doesn’t need a single person in his life like a romantic interest; just to let family and friends in.
Arrow and Flash then go to a warehouse to sort out who really would win in a fight at which point it cuts to black. 
And since I only just found this GIF (as well as how to use GIF’s) I feel the need to include this… for… reasons.
… Don’t you judge me.