Arrow Season 3 Episode 9 “The Climb” (Midseason Finale) Recap!

This week I was promised Arrow fighting Ra’s al Ghul. I was not disappointed…

Starting with a brief shot of some climbing, we then cut to Captain Lance drinking some egg nog in the station, before going outside and finding his holiday gift from Arrow. Some random criminal.

My reaction: Well now you’ve made it awkward cause he didn’t get you anything.
Lance’s reaction: We now I feel bad that I didn’t get you anything.

Captain Lance… I like you.

Oliver is then captured straight away by the league of assassins. It turns out Nyssa (Not Talia) gave Oliver a deadline to find Sarah’s killer (which she never told him) and he has failed to deliver. If Oliver doesn’t deliver the killed within the next forty eight hours they will kill fifty random civilians each day till he does.

And the one doing the killing with be Maseo!

I honestly thought that Maseo would be dead by this point; you know, so that Katana would have gone all psycho and named her sword after him.

Soon Katana… soon.
Laurel is visiting Sarah’s grave when she runs into Thea; they have a moment but it feels a little too rushed and forced. With Thea constantly saying in a loud voice ‘but you shouldn’t be upset. Sarah is alive, and perfectly fine. She definitely isn’t dead, so why are you crying?’
Laurel reveals to Thea what happened, so the list of people who know Captain Lance’s daughter is dead is slowly including everyone in Starling City apart form Captain Lance.
At Palmer Technologies, tensions are tight between Felicity and Ray as he had run off after their kiss. She leaves to join the team inside the Quiver. Oliver tells them about the League’s demands; Felicity is working on the DNA but they don’t have any leads apart from that.
Time for a flashback as Oliver is trying to deal with the fact he has been torturing people; but they have found out that China White is planning on releasing a bio weapon.
In the present Felicity has tracked down the DNA on the arrows that killed Sarah, only to find out that the killer is Oliver.
Cut back to the climbing, Oliver sure is determined to get up that mountain.
Team Arrow is confused about how Oliver’s DNA could be on the arrows, Oliver says Merlyn must have framed him. Felicity tracks down the flight plans to see that someone did travel from Corto Maltese to Starling City the night before Sarah’s death. Arrow and Arsenal go to bully a pilot into telling them who hired him. Not only does the pilot say he’ll tell them, he in fact has video. (ok, that seems suspicious)
Looking at the footage we see that Thea went along with Merlyn to Starling city; meaning that perhaps with wasn’t Oliver’s DNA but that of his sisters. Team Arrow tries to tell him that’s probably what’s happened but Oliver doesn’t believe them so he goes to ask Thea himself. Thea comes clean that she has been seeing Merlyn as he’s her family but denies she ever came back to Starling City.
In the meantime Felicity and Ray talk apparently he feels incredibly guilty for kissing her because his finance died suddenly and he felt he was betraying her. Ok; fair reason, as well as a good grounding for why he is going to become a hero himself.
Laurel is going to dinner with her mother, which turns quickly into a reveal about how Sarah is dead. I don’t really think I can add another name to the list of people who shouldn’t have found out before Captain Lance since she is Sarah’s mother.
Ra’s is training, and killing for no reason. Not really in Ra’s MO there Arrow. I feel Ra’s in this is a little more like…
On the suggestion of team Arrow Oliver is going to talk to Thea again, however this time he’s going as the Arrow.  Oliver… I don’t think that’ll work.
Thea kicks his ass and peace’s out. It is one of the best scenes in all of Arrow as Oliver watches her with this open mouth expression of confusion.
Merlyn goes to confront Oliver as Thea told him about the Arrow. Oliver says he will flat out kill Merlyn and we get to see Merlyn’s trump card. It turns out Thea was the one who killed Sarah; however much like Roy with the cop she wasn’t in control of her mind when she did this. I look forward to when this is revealed to Thea and she straight up takes out Merlyn for it.
Seriously the mind controlled woman thing? Not a fan of it.
Merlyn says that if Oliver goes and challenges Ra’s to a dual and wins, then all the blood debts will be forgiven, including Thea killing Sarah. Oliver feels pretty trapped over a barrel here so he goes and tells Ra’s that he killed Sarah. Which no one believes although Oliver comes up with the best story he can in the situation; which is it that it isn’t the first time she asked him to kill her to escape the league of assassins.
In the past we see China White has tracked down Maseo’s family and  a sword fight breaks out between her and Katana. Yes Katana! Cut her down! While we don’t get to see it, it appears China White wins and drags away an injured Katana.
Ra’s gives Oliver 12 hours before the dual and it’s really touching to see Oliver saying what he thinks will be his last good bye to everyone. The moments are all very short and too the point but they feel very real and, no, it’s not getting to me… I just, have something in my eye.

In the midst of all of this we see Ray tell Felicity about the A.T.O.M suit, and it’s a very cute call out that it was once called OMAC. 
Now we go back to the core of this episode, Oliver had climbed to the secret battle grounds and this is where the episode devolves into a full on Batman movie.
Seriously,Oliver is now basically Bruce Wayne, fighting Ra’s on a mountain top with swords. Shirtless; and it’s nice to see a return to a little fan service in this show.
They fight and Oliver has his ass handed to him, until.. oh. Oh. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIII…

Oliver gets cut down and kicked off a cliff.
Ok, Ok, so I know like most fans what the deal is with Ra’s and his… beauty pits, shall we say. Although I imagine most don’t and even as a serious comics fan this took me by surprise. It looks as all the next few episodes are Oliver free so a lot less action and a lot more tearbending once the show is back after mid-season break.
Re-caps will resume when the show does.



  1. Oh I know, still it was shot incredibly well to give the illusion that he really is gone. Comic fans and those who look at episode titles ahead of time know the truth 😛

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