The Veronicas – ‘The Veronicas’ (Album Review)

After years of waiting, The Veronicas have finally graced us with their amazing third studio album…

After troubled waters with record labels, The Veronicas have finally put-forth their long-awaited self-titled album.

Originally titled ‘Life of On Mars’, the girls ran into so many hurdles with LA based label Warner Music. But the girls had finally had enough and left, after they were constantly pushed back from trying to release new music. They then returned to Australia and the heavens welcomed them back with open arms as Sony Music Australia took them under their wing. YAY!

The twins also managed to secure three weeks at 1# with “You Ruin Me”, a risky but beautiful emotional first single and is now currently charting very well in the UK!

See Warner… look what you missed out on.

Anyway enough label drama talk, let’s talk about this stunning new album!

The girls really have evolved and stepped into more mature boots since their previous record, “Hook Me Up” (released in 2007). Stand-outs include “More Like Me”, which is a perfect smasher hit waiting to happen, along with “Cold” being a cleverly and playfully written track with yes, embodies angry and cold verse that particularly deal with relationship errors, and emotional trauma. This emotional channeling also must be noted on “Born Bob Dylan”, where the girls touch on feelings alongside a guitar stringed stripped-back sound. It’s everything as to why we fell in love with the girls, as they truly get into the deep exploration of emotional waves we often go through in life, love and loss.

In terms of the gals popping tune flavour, just announced second single “If You Love Someone” is likely to be the next summer jam down-under, and has the potential to crack into the U.S. market. While it’s a bit cheesy lyric-wise, it’s a fun filled popper that gets you into a anthematic happy love-bird kinda mood.

Oh and finally, “Did You Miss Me” is also a great nod to when the Origliasso twins decided to go by then band-name, Veronicas! It kind of channels their old album “Hook Me Up” with it dark electro-pop style, and fits perfectly with their long haul to make a comeback.

Best Tracks: Cruel, Cold, Line of Fire, More Like Me, Did You Miss Me, Born Bob Dylan, You Ruin Me, If You Love Someone.

VERDICT:  A perfect showcase of a comeback album, or as The Veronicas like to call it..a “rebirth.”

While they ooze a new re-birthed mature sound here, the girls somehow manage to maintain true to their roots in a vast combination of emotional ballads, a blend of pop, electro, rock and all that in-between. They aren’t afraid of taking risks and being experimental too, just look at the success of “You Ruin Me”.

See risks truly do pay-off sometimes!

Overall Rating:


The Veronicas is currently available to stream on iTunes Radio in Australia, and will be available to purchase on November 21st.
UK Fans: You’ll although have to wait till February 21st, 2015.

– Shahbaz Malik