The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 8 “Fade Into Me” Recap

It’s a Friends Giving nightmare!
We finally the missing piece of the ascendant as we learn all about the elusive Gemini Coven and how Kai’s family is just as messed up as he is. After weeks of patiently waiting and scratching our heads we’ve finally been given some answers! Sit back and let me give you the run down on what we learnt in this crazy episode.

The Gemini Coven
Bear with me on this one, it’s gonna get confusing but it’ll make sense eventually.
Like I said, there’s a reason Kai is so messed up and it’s because of the crazy cult he calls family, the coven is all about power with their motto being “coven before family” it’s no wonder that Kai, who doesn’t actually have magic of his own is on the hunt to gain power.

Speaking of family, you didn’t think all of Kai’s siblings were dead did you? Well I hope not because it’s discovered at Friends Giving after a birthday surprise for Liz that our witchy brother and sister duo are actually Kai’s younger siblings. We also learn that Jo’s mysterious dysfunctional witchy family also happens to be the coven, Jo is Liv and Luke’s older sister, oh and Kai’s twin sister. That’s right Kai is a twin and Jo is the only reason that Liz and Luke are alive. When Kai went psycho killer she protected them and helped put Kai away in his prison to avoid him ever gaining power.

If the name and previous info didn’t give it away the coven is all about twins, twins hold the power to lead their coven after their 22nd birthday and this is where it gets creepy. A coven can’t have two leaders that would be a conflict of interest that could lead to tearing the coven in two, no to elect a leader twins must essentially ‘merge’ one taking the others power to be the almighty, leaving the other to die.

This episode sheds some light on the ways of the Gemini Coven with Alaric, Damon and Stephen finally finding them shielded by magic in Portland. We meet Kai’s all powerful father who nearly stakes Damon and Stephen, but fear not our favourite vampires make it out alive. Jo on the other hand only survived thanks to Elena’s vampire blood. Yes her own father tried to kill her from the inside out using magic to avoid Kai coming back and trying to merge with her, messed up or what.

Will Bonnie ever return home?
After Kai kidnapped Bonnie and took her to Portland, he managed to find the object that Jo has been hiding her magic in all these years, the knife that he once stabbed her with… which we realized after the many blood filled flashbacks throughout the episode.  After taking the knife and draining it of its power he stabs Bonnie and flees Portland, taking the car and leaving Bonnie stranded. Will our favourite witch ever be reunited with her friends or is she doomed to spend her life reliving May 10th 1994 forever?

Damon + Elena
An episode of The Vampire Diaries season 6 would never be complete if we didn’t have many many minutes related to the weird maybe relationship between Damon and Elena and this episode is no different. She decides to give Liam the flick after all, wiping his memories of their wild Friends Giving night (as she revealed herself as a vampire to save Jo) and even their entire relationship to save the confusion and pain. Elena and Damon’s new mission is once again trying to bring Bonnie back; she could be the key to getting back their relationship. If anyone can sway Elena even without memories it’s Bonnie, there’s hope for these two after all!

Awkward Relationships
Liv & Tyler?
These two finally took the leap and Tyler showed Liv that he’s her wolf in shining armour, whisking her away to Mystic Falls where magic is still not working, so she’ll be safe from her family of crazy witches. Vowing always to protect her, it’s clear he is finally over Caroline.

Stephen & Caroline?
They’ve been hovering between friends, to potential lovers to nothing at all all season but still nothing is official, will it ever sort itself? She gave him left overs, that’s a good sign right?