It’s a new week, with new dramas, but hardly any answers!  Will an episode of season 6 ever make sense? Full of suspense, Damon pining over Elena and more frustrations than ever we’re essentially left in the same position as last week, wondering;  will Damon and Elena ever work out?, Will Bonnie come back? And what are Caroline and Stefan even doing?

Here are the things you need to know!

The New Love Triangle
Elena + Damon? Or Elena + Liam?
Which is your new favourite ship? & who will sink?

The door is finally opened and the happy reunion we were all hoping for was just wishful thinking, Alaric’s super compulsion still holds up as long as he is alive and breathing. A hopeful Damon asks his lost love what she remembers of him, her response: “I remember pain…. I don’t remember us” ouch!. Poor Damon is left with his heart staked in the name of love once again; the poor guy is lost and resorts to stalking Elena the rest of the episode.
Elena isn’t as concerned for the past, she’s living in the present – she’s got a new guy on the scene; her and Liam are getting kind of serious. But as their relationship blossoms, so does Liam’s suspicions.

Liam’s getting suspicious
We might not be in Mystic Falls anymore but that doesn’t mean our vampires are safe from curious minds. Remember how Elena let her good nature get the best of her and she saved a lost cause in the cornfield?

Well Liam is too smart to accept that Elena is that good of a med student and begins with crazy “super soldier” theories. He discovers that the girl not only left that night with nothing but a scratch and now a previous injury also miraculously disappeared. Oh Elena, how are you going to talk yourself out of this one?

Tripp Trips up Again
Just when we thought that Tripp was home free after his clever self-security plan of kidnapping Caroline’s mum to assure his life, Enzo is one step ahead. Taking two steps into Mystic Falls was enough to finish off Tripp after a crafty Enzo turned him while he was locked up. Who will continue the vampire hunting now?

We can all breathe easier, Bonnie is alive! (Sort of)
The most suspenseful part of this week’s episode by far we see Bonnie bleeding out, barely breathing running off to save her own life. She was so close too, so close to returning home to her friends but once again, Kai can never stay down and the ascendant can never stay whole.

Once again the selfless hero of this entire show, Bonnie refuses to let Kai leave his personal prison and manages to drain her own magic into another, her precious bear and transports it through the eclipse. This act once again leaves Bonnie without magic and stuck in 1994, possibly forever.

Damon’s lost hope
Just when we thought they might be able to work it out as they set off on a Love Scavenger hunt to try and bring back her memories, they come up short… just outside the border, where they last said “I love you”. Elena then stupidly walks across the border to Mystic Falls in hopes of stripping the compulsion, Damon pulls her back: saving her life. The bits and pieces she gained weren’t enough to salvage their epic love and Damon does the unthinkable… He lets her go, he walks away from their maybe relationship to allow her to be truly happy in this new life she’s created.

Damon also finds a fuzzy friend, which is probably the only thing stopping him from turning off his emotions.

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