Damon’s back. A new Witch. And a Car Crash. Oh My!It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for, Damon has returned!

Its 42 minutes of suspense as a million questions swirl through your head, so much happened in this week’s instalment that it’s almost hard to keep up. But never fear Jess is here to give you the 101 on S06E06.

Damon + Elena
Will they? Won’t they?

Was I the only one internally screaming “just open the door!” throughout the entire episode because I want these two back together ASAP? Elena’s denial will be the end of her; by the time she accepts its time to get her memories back it’s too late…

But we can all hope that the opening of the door in the last scene is symbolic of their love opening once again.

Poor Jeremy
Witnessing Jeremy’s downward spiral of him realizing Bonnie isn’t coming home is absolutely heartbreaking. As the glasses shatter, so does Jeremy’s heart and our hearts of Bonnie’s return.

A new witch?
We all knew something was up when Jo somehow resisted super vampire Alaric’s compulsion and this episode Elena goes not so subtle spy to figure out her secret. She’s a witch!

It’s going to be interesting to see if she helps solve the mystery of mystic falls or ignore the supernatural completely.

Alaric, Human again
In a crazy attempt to free Damon and Enzo from the entrapment of Mystic Falls latest psycho Vampire hunter, a car crash leaves nearly every vampire struggling to survive across the border. 

Damon and Enzo make it back thanks to the strength of Stefan but poor Alaric only makes it back barely thanks to our resident witch doctor Jo. 

Somehow his extended time in Mystic Falls stripped him of his original type vampire power and he’s once again human. (Does this mean Alaric’s compulsion wears off from Elena as a result?)

And we all are still asking ourselves will Caroline and Stefan ever get together? Or will they even stay friends?