Survivor: San Juan del Sur: Blood v Water Episodes 8 and 9 Reviews

Survivor: San Juan del Sur: Blood V Water 2

I sincerely apologise for my tardiness with Survivor: San Juan del Sur; Blood v Water updates. I have been given a warning from the Survivor Fancier’s Association and felt the silent scolding from like-minded Survivor lovers!

Without further delay here is a rundown of the maelstrom that swept through Episode 8 and 9 of Survivor

Episode 8
Tension is growing along gender lines with Jaclyn and Baylor feeling “used and inconsequential” by the male members. The male members counter by complaining that the ladies-particularly Baylor aren’t contributing to camp life at all.

Jeremy has noticed this “lack of appreciation for the ladies” also and privately admonishes Alec, Wes and Keith for not treating the female survivors appropriately. Baylor is asked to throw the remains of a gutted fish Alec has been preparing away to prove she is doing something around camp. Keith also complains that Baylor is not pulling her weight.

Jon and Jaclyn will now be able to enact their “swing-voter powers” at Tribal Council-having been denied previously by Julie’s sudden decision to quit the game. 

Reward Challenge
I love that Jeff always asks the competitors if they want to know what they’re playing for at challenges! It is the carrot being dangled in front of the donkey. This time they’re playing for a Taco Feast with all the fixings.

Two teams are drawn with Missy not being picked and will not take part-clearly an indication that she is thought to be weak in physical challenges.

For this reward challengers must carry loads of heavy blocks onto a sled, push it along a track to form a statue, then haul it up a slope to raise the survivor flag.
The team of Keith, Wes, Natalie and Jeremy win the reward handsomely.
Jon is sent to Exile Island. Ultimately this will be a bitter-sweet experience for him.

At the taco feast, Wes eats like there is no tomorrow and pays the price. No strategising takes place because the winning team is a mix of alliances. It is a case of watching for any clues as to opposing alliance’s posturing.

On Exile, Jon is given the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol and in a game changing surprise, finds the idol. This cements their control of the game.
Jaclyn scrambles to sure up alliances in Jon’s absence. Alec trusts Jon.
Upon Jon’s return Jaclyn is livid about her treatment by the men. Their plan to target Jeremy is still on track-or that’s what Jon thinks until Jaclyn emotionally switches her attention to Keith. Jon can see the merits but wants to stick with the plan-considering Keith is able to be dispensed with more easily than Jeremy. Of course they don’t know that Keith has an idol.

Immunity Challenge
The classic memory challenge will decide the fate for one survivor. Jeff holds up a series of pictures and the survivors must show their picture cubes in order. 
Jon, Reed, Wes and Alec fall at the first hurdle, closely followed by Natalie and Baylor. Jaclyn, then Keith and Missy fall out leaving Josh and Jeremy-the two people who need immunity the most, to endure. Josh errs leaving an extremely relieved Jeremy to claim the prize. Josh knows his goose is cooked.
Josh immediately attempts to manipulate Baylor into voting for his alliance by reminding her that he saved her at the beginning of the season. She thought he did this without  any “quid pro quo” attached. 
Baylor is now the target of the Josh, Reed Wes and Keith alliance anyway. She attempts to secure Josh and Jaclyn’s favour after her mother tells her of Keith’s intent.
Jon and Jaclyn are undecided about who to vote for. Jon wants to Baylor, Jaclyn wants Josh. What will they do?

Tribal Council
At Tribal, Jaclyn voices her feelings of anger at being inconsequential when Jon was on Exile. Alliances are made clearer. Missy comments on the male members crudity. Reed pitches his and Josh’s case.
It’s time to vote.
In what turns out to be a two horse race Baylor receives 5 and Josh is cast away with 6.
In the wash up, Alec voted for Baylor and Jon and Jaclyn went for Josh.
Reed is devastated and after a departing kiss for his loved-one, Josh vows to eat a cheeseburger for everyone.
He will be back as the first person of the jury.
One gets the feeling that Jon and Jaclyn’s swing vote powers will come back to haunt them. Parallels with Sarah’s situation in Survivor: Cagayan: Brawn v Brains v Beauty, when she was suddenly entrusted with the swing voting power (not being aligned with the remaining two alliances), bit her hard when she sided with the wrong alliance and they voted her off. Will Jon and Jaclyn fall into the same trap? 

Episode 9 
This episode sees one of the most ingratiating yet brilliant moves by two of the castaways. Jon and Jaclyn’s power-while still substantial-is being diminished. Missy thanks Jon and Jaclyn for saving Baylor. Jon feels Jaclyn is being disrespected by some of the male contenders. Keith is incensed with Jon and “has had it with Missy”.

Reward Challenge
The survivors are drafted into two teams-yellow and blue. The Yellow team is Alec, Reed, Baylor, Natalie and Jeremy. The Blue team comprises Missy, Keith, Wes, Jon and Jaclyn.
Jeff’s third favourite saying on the show-“want to know what you’re playing for?”, is revealed as a sandwich cruise aboard a yacht, with champagne and soft drinks for the young’uns! 
The players must try to knock their opponent off a wobbling balance bean into a pit of mud.
After some epic struggles the Yellow team win. However, before they go off to enjoy their spoils Natalie and Jeremy offer their places to Jon and Jaclyn. What a move! They now have made it very difficult for them to vote either of them off in the future.

Jeremy is sent to Exile in a move that Baylor describes as making sure Jeremy has a chance to find the idol. Of course he can’t find it because Jon has it. He quickly comes to that assumption. It is an extremely uncomfortable period for him on Exile.

Wes is impressed with Natalie’s move. Natalie voices a desire to rid the group of Reed. Wes wants to know if he and Keith are the targets.

On the yacht, Reed is plotting his revenge for Josh’s departure. 
Jon is feeling a sense of unquiet about the decision to send Jeremy to Exile realising that Jeremy will know Jon has the idol and use this to later “flush it out”.

Immunity Challenge
The survivors have to construct a 3 tiered puzzle of 21 pieces using only their feet. A true test of core strength. Jeremy is really fatigued from Exile and is struggling. Reed jumps out to an early lead which is quickly eaten up by Baylor and Keith. Pieces are knocked over until Baylor prevails with a dexterous display. Missy is overjoyed, Reed is panicked.

Jeremy is confident he will not be going home. Reed is desperate and in a semi-illegal act, rifles through Keith’s bag finding the instructions for the use of the hidden Immunity Idol. He immediately tells this to Missy and Jaclyn, hoping to direct their ire at Keith not him.

Keith realises someone has been through his bag and thinks now might be the time to use it and maybe force someone out of the opposing alliance.

As news spreads about Keith’s idol, all are amazed that he has one and how well he kept it hidden. Jeremy tries to tease the truth from Jon about his idol. 

Tribal Council
Reed highlights Jeremy and Natalie’s self-serving. Jeff brings up the fact that no-one has played an idol. Jon and Jaclyn call out Keith and Wes about not approaching them to be a part of the alliance. Wes counters by saying that they didn’t approach he or Keith either.
Reed is reveling in the change of focus away from him.
“It’s time to vote……..”
Keith does not play his idol.
Three  players receive votes. Keith garners 2, Reed 3 and Jeremy is undone (despite his “selfless act”) with 5! Once again Jon and Jaclyn flip and remain in control. This time a god guy didn’t win. Keith and Reed live to fight another day. Is Jon and Jaclyn’s grip about to loosen?