Revenge 4×08 “Contact” Review

Father and daughter finally see eye-to-eye, while Demily continues to shine…

The real reunion…

While Emily and David aren’t completely as close as they were back in the day, David finally confessed to his daughter what really went down in the time he was away.
Although it’s still quite unclear what exactly went down, it finally saw David be warm to his now known to-be daughter, “Remember infinity times infinity” Awww! It finally put to rest our frustrations towards him over always choosing Victoria over his daughter. I mean Emily was acting a bit out of line though, as Victoria (despite her evilness) was in a life-or-death situation. 
But David, we have a right to be mad at you sometimes! I mean the way he got mad at her for wanting to help, and for what she has done to clear his name. She’s your daughter, she loves you David. Show a little appreciation!
But, will Daddy forgive her new sins? Emily may have convinced Nolan that she was bent on keeping her father’s promise of staying out of his drama, but Emily can’t help herself and again proved just how much she loves her Dad by going to extremes of torturing a member she captured from her (swift and random) hospital saving rescue, who has ties to who tried to kill both David and Charlotte.

Gosh, I’m really rooting for Daniel and Emz to get back together now… And this probably has to do with the truth finally being in the open. Daniel really seems to dig the real Emily now, as he can finally see why she even did what she did too him. Plus, knowing that there was indeed a sense of real feelings during the fake relationship has really given him some hope.
Forget Margaux, even though I did like them together at the beginning of the season. For a second, I even thought Louise’s fake note made Daniel think it was Emily asking him to join her in the shower (But that’s just me being blind over Demily).
Truly, though… Wasn’t that balcony scene superb? Both Emily and Daniel are in similar boats when it comes to their parents, with Daniel even pushing her into not giving up on her father (however subtle it may have been). I’m starting to think Charlotte knew what she was doing when she told Daniel, did she really see the spark between the two all along? 
Daniel’s struggle with Victoria…

Along with Emily having her own battle with her father, we again saw the damaged relationship between both Daniel and Victoria.
While I was furious at Vic for disconnecting her vital monitoring to interrupt Emily and David’s DnM, there was a shred of sympathy for her again as she highlighted why she gave into Conrad’s framing of her true love, David Clarke… to protect her children, Daniel and Charlotte! But, most importably Daniel as she told him that she will always choose him.
Daniel of-course didn’t buy her words, assuming that it was just a way of savaging the only ties she has left. I still although, have my bets on Vic and Emily eventually befriending each other over their love for David. 
Margaux and Nolan team up?

Oh, Nolan… “Why can’t I have normal friends” was probably one of the best quotes we have ever got from the rich and tech-savy best friend of Amanda/Emily. I mean even his best friend is a blood-thirsty revenge seeker. 
He didn’t buy Margaux’s attempt to bring down his new friend, Louise on the basis of being mentally unstable, as he really just wanted to have a comforting new friend. But Nolan, being the smart lad he is ran for the hills once spotting Louise’s creepy little obsessive mother-Vic pic screensaver.
Of-couse his only condition to help out Margaux is too clear his name after David’s very public shaming of him. I wonder if the writers are also planning to hook these two up if Demily really does happen again (sorry, I just can’t help myself with these two).
Jack’s police drama…
Okay, this time Jack’s plot was a little better. It probably had to do with him being with a new FBI gal, rather than the typical steamy police locker-room alongside Ben.
Anyway, poor Jack continues to get caught in-between his new career and the Clarke’s. Now that Conrad’s murder weapon has re-surfaced, the case continues to be investigated. Again, why is Ben so invested in this case?… What is he hiding!
Oh, and WHY, OH WHY are they pursuing the Ben/Emily romance now that we have new DEMILY hope. (Just watch the promo below to see what I’m talking about)
Overall Rating:
– Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC