The long awaited re-union finally happened, and it was everything!

Revenge continues to shine this season as nothing (and i mean NOTHING) is being held back, which strangely makes me feel as if the show is headed for its end.

Let’s take a look at these open-revelations below:

Demily…. Why did this episode make me gun for Emily and Daniel, I actually quite miss seeing them together. Perhaps, the on-screen chemistry has to do with both Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman (Daniel) dating in real life.

Now that the truth is in the open, maybe these two could possibly be end-game? Now that Daniel is in ruins with Margaux, plus that look on his face when seeing Emily’s new-side had me thinking that his about to go and chase his ex again.

Do you prefer Emily with Daniel, or Jack? – I don’t mind either one, but there is something unique about her and Daniel. After-all, it seems as if the Clarke’s do have a thing for the Grayson’s (and vice versa).

Margaux/Louise coffudle…  Wow, talk about cray! I knew Louise wasn’t completely mentally stable, but after seeing her this week hallucinate her mother, replace her mothers face with Vic’s head in pictures… and attempt to kill Margaux, she is completely nutters.

I like both gals, but Louise went a little too far. Margaux although proved that she is a strong woman, and smashed her way out of that sauna.

Nolan catches a break… While Louise may be mental, she does have her moments.

Nolan finally turned his life around for a change by taking the advice from Louise of doing whatever the hell you want. And by that, Nolan bought the club house away from it’s owner (The Nanny‘s Charles Shaughnessy).

I’m also getting the vibe that Nolan may soon be having a new love interest again, by starting this new club-house chapter (and bets are on it being another guy!).

David’s idiocy… Gosh, how can you not put two and two together after foiling your own murdering plans against Emily. She’s your darn daughter, you fool!

But that’s just one idiotic moment from David, as he also bought the pathetic alibi from FauxAmanda’s stripper buddy. I mean come on, out of all witnesses to FauxAmanda’s memorable fall, he chose her?

Got to hand it too Victoria though, as she tried to scheme her way into winning David’s heart. Plus, that pure ownage of her slapping the strippers leg and saying “good girl” is pure classic Queen V right there.

Emily has had it…  What a GLORIOUS moment this was, I was so not expecting the re-union to happen tonight after the promo revealed a confrontation between Amanda as Emily, meeting her father.

But Emily HAD ENOUGH. After somehow carelessly getting into the bank vault, she discovered a USB with FauxAmanda’s photos revealing that her father has been awatching from afar without her knowing.

It was superbly shot, as one minute she was at her desk and the next she was gone… hinting at Emily’s furisouty. Oh and yet another round of applause to Emily VanCamp!

Emz than showed up and interrupted Vic and Daniel’s passionate pash by sending Vic out the door. Of course, David was confused at what Emily was ranting on about but then eventually caught on and grabbed her by the wrist to see the infinity symbol, finally learning that Emz is his daughter! YAS!!!! 

But Vic again intercepted, only this time by nature as she got zapped for trying to escape the lovely reunion, due to a fallen power line hitting her car. Oh Vic…

Snoozy Detectives… Gosh, the locker-room scenes are still showing up and they are getting pretty tiresome. I guess there needs to be a little downtime though with all the exciting events going on, but it’s just so bland and it doesn’t help that Ben agitates me…

How can he be a new love interest for Emily? If his going to win her heart, his going to have to be more interesting than what’s currently being put on show. I also kind of missed Charlotte, as she just started to get interesting. But it’s okay for now, as there was just too much going on to make room for Charlotte’s drama.

Will David choose Emily or Victoria? – Or will David somehow manage to re-unite his lover and daughter? Oh, please hurry up Sunday!

Overall Rating:

– Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC