Australia’s’ very own Iggy Azalea dropped her newest album Reclassified this week only seven months after her debut album, a reissuing of past hits from The New Classic with six new tracks full of sass and confident power rap.   

From the beginning Iggy showcases the her unique style, the urban pop We In This Bitch will have you tapping your toes along to the funky bass line and repetitive harmonies of the chorus .  Beg for It is just begging to be played while getting ready to go out, a real pump up anthem with sassy raps and a chorus shared with MO making the song a girl power hit. 

Trouble is a game changer, a complete plot twist of the album.  A soulful piano beat with the powerful gospel vocals of Jennifer Hudson accompanying Iggy’s fast raps that just makes you want to dance around the house. Which I’m totally not doing right now.  It’s got the potential of a top ten hit, and it’s a complete standout of the album.  Heavy Crown is power pop track, an angry, almost rock song featuring the vocals of Ellie Goulding and dedicated ‘to everyone who ever said I’d never make it’, yet another potential hit from Azalea.   
This album also acts as a ‘best hits’ collection; Work, Change Your Life, Black Widow and the massive hit of last summer, Fancy, make an appearance among the new tracks.  It’s nice to see how much Azalea has changed musically in such a short time, the new tracks have much less of an electric synthetic feel than the past album did, almost stripped down to a few melodic layers.  With more of a focus on the power rap vocals of Azalea, Reclassified is a simple and effective portrayal of the femcee’s talent. 
Reclassified is exactly what you expected from Iggy, delivering catchy tracks and pop anthems among past hits from her debut album.  Play the songs loud and get your dance on, this album is catchy, powerful, and sometimes surprising.  With bass lines and gospel vocals reminiscent of 90’s hip hop, Reclassified is going to be on repeat for months…and I don’t even mind. 
Rating: 8/10

Best Tracks: Trouble, Heavy Crown, and of course all the past hits!


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  1. OMG you have the best reviews, Stephanie! MORE. Thanks for this, totally agree with you, though my opinion of Iggy as an artist is a bit meh…

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