One Direction – ‘FOUR’ (Album Review)

They’ve just finished their massive ‘Where We Are Tour’, they’re gearing up to start another and now they’ve released their fourth studio album ‘Four’. Five years since their debut and four albums later it’s easy to see that 1D isn’t just a fad that’s going to disappear behind the bedroom doors of teenage girls. One Direction essentially puts a stop to all the solo rumours with their new release ‘Four’; it’s a quality album that shows the boys in sync musically. This release does work to showcase each of the 5 vocally rather than have Louis, Liam and Niall there to be the backup singers for Harry and Zayn which was common of their other records. They’re trying to reach a new sound, branching away from the typical boy band pop and into a new music style that incorporates some rock elements into their songs.

Going by the track list there is no clear objective; we go from ballad to rock dance track and straight back to boy band ballad. It’s a confusing selection that somehow works to show the eclectic style they’re trying to achieve this time around. Majority of the tracks deal with some aspect of love, which is a theme One Direction, sings about all too well. Throughout the writing process it was noted that they worked alongside many high profile artists such as: Good Charlotte, McFly, The 1975, Emilie Sande, John Legend and Ed Sheeran who also wrote the track ‘18’ for the boys. Incorporating the elements from such diverse artists is part of the reason that ‘Four’ is such a standalone release; it’s nothing we’ve ever heard from them before.

If you were disappointed with their last release ‘Midnight Memories’ I urge you to give them one last chance and listen to Four it’s an edgier album that shows a new side to the lads. It’s all about the lyrics and music, with the boys writing a lot of the songs themselves this time around and you can hear the passion and talent, not the production of mainstream music industry.

Album standouts: Ready To Run, 18, No Control and Stockholm Syndrome.
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