Nick hits all the right notes on first solo mature album debut…

It’s been a while since the Jonas Brothers separated and went on their own solo paths. The younger of the bunch, Nick although seems to recently have made his big mark in the music world and rightly so.

Nick Jonas may have released his first album as a kid, but this self-titled 2014 Nick marks his first departure into adulthood… Just listen to some of the subject matters on these new songs and recent controversial media-dominating photoshoots. His truly taken on a whole new adult look, that is far from his purity ring days while masquerading in his Disney Jonas days.

Channeling pretty much all that sexiness on this record, Nick also serves a range of depth, emotion and powerful tunes here.”Chains” is a perfect opener anthem that deals with being controlled and unable to escape (wether that be by people, relationships, love, emotions etc.) while second single “Jealous” later follows for an up-beat sexy and sassy Nick. Oh and “Teacher” is right after, another sexually charged tune!

But for those who don’t like a little raunchiness in their musical appetite, the album goes back to emotional depths in the latter half of the album. “Avalanche” is just that,  a superb duet reuniting fellow Disney Camp Rock star Demi Lovato, before closing out with another personal and deep song “Nothing Could Be Better”.

It’s quite a short album for today’s standards, but the deluxe does offer two other brand new tracks. One, another sexually infused track with Mike Posner, “Closer” and an ode to Californian town “Santa Barbara”. Plus, there’s a nice little dance remix of first single “Chains”.

VERDICT: Nick Jonas has set up his now adult solo career on a high, by creating a perfect mix of emotion, sex, sass, and radio-friendly bangers.

Glad to have you back Nick!

Best Tracks: Chains, Jealous, Numb, Teacher, I Want You, Avalanche, Nothing Could Be Better.

Overall Rating: