And we’re back, but with no Jenny.

Instead we have a small boy, a mystery illness and a new horseman to boot. The new horseman is really what interests me. It’s clear that Headless is the most important to the story due to his blood connection with Ichabod, as well as being the one most well set up.

I think then way it’s meant to work is that he is the only of the four to be physically in the real world while the others can still influence it.

Pestilence unfortunately looks like he wondered off the the Mongolian set from Night at the Museum It’s a pretty forgettable design to go with a pretty forgettable entrance.

However we do get Ichabod fighting with the nightmare that plastic coverings, so there’s that. Also, I know I was complaining about it before, but from three episodes of an old corny song to accompany the plot and two now without it… I really do miss it. Come on, surely you could have found an old song about disease or things being contagious.

The young boy who has brought a new plague is apparently even more out of time then Ichabod as he starts speaking middle English. Which sounds much better here then the butchered version my English class attempted.

Ichabod, who studied Middle English at Oxford, obviously, talks to the boy and works out he is from the lost colony of Roanoke. The first British colony in America which mysteriously vanished. Abbie and Ichabod head into the forest to find it, and I love how Abbie is growing more and more accepting of the strangeness but still maintaining a healthy uncertainty about things that are so beyond her world.

Ichabod tracks the boys footsteps because he knows how to track from Fox Hunting, because of course he does. Ichabod is a slightly more realistic version of Hugh Jackman from Kate & Leopold, the handsome aristocratic progressive man from the past. The only things missing is for Ichabod to also have taken cooking courses in Oxford and to go into battle with Abbie on a white horse.

Pictured: The most egregious example of wish fulfilment ever.

Abbie and Ichabod find their way to Roanoke, which has been hiding within time in the forests around Sleepy Hollow. Next episode, they find that the lost city of Atlantis has been hiding within the Sleepy Hollow wishing well.

It appears as though the supernatural trappings of the town have been keeping the people safe from dying of the plague they are infected with. But Thomas (the little boy) brought it with him when he ventured outside, and if he isn’t brought back to Roanoke the disease will spread and the Horseman of Pestilence will be released. I’m not sure of what counts as ‘spread’, is there a quota of people who have to die, I mean at least one person has died from it (in wonderfully gruesome fashion), does the horseman need to wait for Thomas to die?

Oh No Ichabod is sick! I’m not overly worried because… protagonist.

However this does mean that the burden of discovering the solution falls entirely on Abbie who is still struggling with not dealing with physical evidence. She ends up in the hospital, praying for a sign, but anyone who knows about God in media knows that’s not how he rolls.

Indirect is the way of the Lord, and Abbie sees a priest with his Holy Water and realises that the water of Roanoke might be the way to heal them. Even more amazingly she convinces Irving to let her take Ichaod and Thomas out of the hospital (with a cleaver little bit of subterfuge), with a hit of adrenaline Ichabod and Abbie make it to Roanoke with the Horseman hot on their heels. The day is saved and the spirits of Roanoke pass on with Pestilence being defeated for the time being.

Abbie and Ichabod share a moment and the Headless Horseman is teased to finally return… but why was he in the river? I know his coffin was originally placed down there but does he need to go down there to sleep or something? Or did he drop his house keys?

Next week… Jenny? Please?