Late to the party – Sleepy Hollow Recap S1E4

And we are back with another episode of Sleepy Hollow, beginning with the Boston Tea Party. I hope to see more historical events that are all actually just covers for supernatural shenanigans. Like the time Lincoln freed the slaves because he was waging war with vampires.

So Ichabod is on a stealth mission for some form of artifact, and run into a Hessian solider who blows himself up but fails to kill Ichabod. Cutting then to him… calling a midnight radio show to talk about his trapped in purgatory, witch wife? Oh no, he was just talking to AAA on the phone, giving relationship advice. Now I understand you are from a different time, and this is not meant to be taken the way that I am taking it but. That doesn’t excuse this line.

‘No matter how cruelly he may have treated you, to suggest you do not give up…’
Nope, nope. That is not okay.
So the episode proper picks up straight at the end of the last one, with Jenny Miles having escaped from the Psych Ward. Irving agrees to give Abbie and Ichabod a head start of twelve hours. Jenny has headed to a local bar where a friend was keeping things for her, before jumping very quickly to… a piano lesson? Do we have a human villain this week? Intriguing? He then promptly goes and kills Jenny’s friend and it’s pretty brutal if off screen.
Ok so we are opening with a punch this week. I’m expecting a fast paced episode.
Abbie is chasing down leads to find Jenny who is apparently quiet a jet setter. Just visiting some of these countries would get you noticed by the NSA, plus a criminal and mental health history, I’m just saying. I think Jenny’s whereabouts may already be known by Uncle Sam. Ichabod presses Abbie to talk about their childhood and we find out that the father is out of the picture and the mother is also in a psych ward after a mental breakdown. Pretty safe guess that the show writers have plans to bring both of these two back at some point.
Ichabod and Abbie go to visit one of the Foster Homes Jenny stayed at while Irving visits the crime scene. I really like seeing Abbie in full cop mode, threatening legal brimstone on a criminally inadequate foster home. Following a lead they head to a cabin in the woods.

No not that one.

It turns out this Cabin belonged to Sheriff Corbin, who was far more familiar with Jenny then either had ever let on. So Corbin played surrogate dad to both of them separate? And now it’s Ichabod’s turn as both girls have each other in their sights, he breaks out the ‘now put down the guns or nobody gets ice-cream’ and the situation calms down.
Corbin has been sending Jenny of Lara Croft style to ‘secure rare objects’, one of which is a sexton that leads to the chest Ichabod was hunting during the Boston Tea Party.  Which is turns out, he orchestrated as a diversion. The piano instructor and his men steal the sexton and all but him escape, Ichabod asks him what was in the chest… and he is really far to willing to give up this information. So the Hessian’s have been hiding in Sleepy Hollow and after the key of Solomon. The chest is in fact a portal to hell, wow are we talking end game here already? Or is this a macguffin of the episode that will be forgotten by the end.
We also finally have the name of the demon… Moloch. Which the Hessian says right before breaking a suicide cap. thankfully Ichabod’s photogenic memory tell the scooby crew that the chest is in an abandoned church. Of course it is, where else would it be?
Oh Shit, the Hessian’s have started to open the portal, and it looks pretty cool. Team scooby has arrived and a fire fight starts up, the demons are trying to break through the… thin skin you get on top of hot milk when it cools? Or maybe it’s cellophane?
It comes down to Abbie having to decide whether or not to close the portal or risk her sisters life, and she totally closes the portal. Which makes sense.

Wait, wait… are the sisters going to make up? Is Jenny joining the team fully?