Late to the party – Sleepy Hollow Recap S1E3

So we are back to the town of Sleepy Hollow, and… oh my, are we not starting with a dream this time? Colour me surprised.

Oh… wait, wait… never mind. It is a dream. One where we see a young Abbie and a new demon. One with sand pouring from his eyes. Hmmm, I think it’s a safe bet on where this episode is heading.

Oh wait… this is a horror show sometimes.

That’s better.

As Abbie is tormented by the dream but is woken and called to a potential suicide, Ichabod is attempting to ask about her dream but a women is about ti jump from her building and is demanding to speak to Abbie. Which is odd as Abbie has never met the women.

Going straight to do her job Abbie tries to talk he down but she is CLEARLY possessed and jumps. Oh shit, maybe there’s another witch around, quick Abbie make a contract!

Did someone say contract?
Both dream and the women and tormented Abbie about some kind of past crime, with the teaser at the end of last episode and young Abbie being in the dream this clearly has something to do with her sister. And I am totally in favour of this team up getting another awesome female character.

Although her introduction last episode really reminded me of Sarah Connor from T2, to the point where I call either rip-off or homage… I’m going with homage.

Hey Sleepy Hollow, I see what you did there, and I approve.

So it turns out the women was a Doctor who had treated Jenny Mills and believed she was telling the truth about the demon, but chose not to speak about it. At the batcave, Ichabod convinces Abbie that they need to speak to Jenny, an idea neither sister is particularly happy about.

Jenny agrees to speak with Ichabod and Abbie reveals why she won’t speak to her. They had just gotten out of the state care when the went missing in the woods, Abbie tried to keep it quiet to but Jenny told the police about the demon and asked her sister to back her up. Abbie doesn’t, choosing to stay quiet.

This is a great tension, I can totally understand staying quiet rather than facing the kind of attention such a story would bring, but I can also completely understand Jenny feeling so betrayed.

They decide to head to the house of the man who found them as kids, who apparently also saw the demon but chose to stay silent. It’s a good thing to because he’s just been visited by the Sandman and Abbie against finds herself in the impossible position of trying to save someone whose possessed.
Again, it doesn’t end well. Really these scenes of people driven to suicide by demons are very unsettling, made worse by the fact that his wife is in the room. Left confused and scared by this completely sudden change in her husband. The show doesn’t show her again but thinking about it is leaving me a total wreck.
Irving seems now to be bringing in ex-boyfriend cop as a semi-main character, I will stop referring to him as that the second I see him develop an actual character trait beyond being somewhat jealous of Ichabod. In a show where characters are one of the strongest elements he just sticks out like a sore thumb.
Ichabod and Abbie go back to the batcave to look up demons that work through dreams, finding a Native American spirit called Ro’kenhronteys, a dream demon who punishes those who don’t do right by their neighbour. So it appears this is a completely different supernatural threat from the headless horseman? Or did the devil call in a favour from Ro’kenhronteys?
It’s uncomfortable reality time! This week Abbie has to explain to Ichabod why there are very few Native American’s left.
In a quest to find a Native American Shaman they go to a used car salesman who is offended they would suggest he must be a Shaman because he is Native American… but actually is a Shaman. He assists them in heading into a dream world to confront Ro’kenhronteys on his own ground. Abbie finally admits and confronts the fact that she betrayed her sister. Both head back to the batcave (no I won’t stop calling it that) and Abbie decides that she is going to go and see her sister.
Only to find that Jenny has broken out before she can talk to her.
They had better fix this next week!