How To Get Away With Murder 1×09 “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” (Midseason Finale): All Is Revealed!

WOW, all was finally revealed during the mid-season finale of hit new series, How To Get Away With Murder...

Let’s break it down in order of the night’s events:

The BIG Annalise and Sam fight…

This was probably the most shocking conversation between these two (now) past-lovers, as Annalise tried her best to drive him mad by revealing, in the dirtiest and raunchiest language… her affair with Nate. It of course pushed Sam over the edge to violently push her against the wall and nearly choke her to death!

Only one thing that remains in the air, is if he indeed did kill Lila! I mean judging by his actions during the episode, of violently assaulting numerous woman it’s very likely.

She then left him and went straight to Nate, both giving into temptation by having hot sex. Umm, okay even after mentioning his sick wife is in hospital? And Annalise also glanced at a picture of them before actually doing the deed. Gosh, okay…

The Rebecca intervention…

Talk about cray, why would you even attempt to go into a house knowing the man you are sure of killing your best friend is at home?

It all had to happen while Michaela showed up to return the trophy, which caused Sam to think that it was all apart of Annalise’s plan to bring him down. He then chased Rebecca in an angry rage, which then led to Michaela to phone her lawyer buddies (well colleagues, shall I say).

Sam takes a plunge…

Once everyone showed up, things took a turn for the worst as Rebecca emerged out of the bathroom, only to be taken down by Sam in a desperate plea to stop her. And SHOCK HORROR as Sam passed Michaela, she tried to get away from him touching her and her colleagues which then lead to him falling of the stairs.

And alas, the answer was given to fans who have been scratching their heads over how these peeps ended up having to help each other (especially due to their competitive and angry nature towards one another) as Laurel pointed out that they be will apart of Rebekah’s illegal obtaining of information, being accessories to the crime for willingly helping her gain the info.

Oh wait, his alive?

But wait, while the gang try to come to deals with what just happened, SURPRISE! his actually still alive, and somehow managed to pin down and choke Rebekah. So BANG, he gets hit over the head with the trophy, splattering blood onto Rebecca. That was the final blow… and now his dead for real!


The camera slowly pans to reveal who actually killed Sam, and it was WES!

Yep, fans theories of him doing it managed to somehow come together.  Nice try HTGAWM by throwing us off with that stair-fall drama. But I guess that fall also had to deal with him already suffering major injuries (perhaps internal bleeding?) oh, and why didn’t Connor actually check if he was dead, rather than assuming and announcing his dead…

So from then on, we are treated to catching-up with all the flashbacks as the bonfire cover-up unfolds yet again.. and the planning of how to rid of the body etc. On the way we also see the answer as to how Asher ended up as Bonnie’s booty-call. He was a weird kinda backup to that creepy guy Bonnie met at the bar as he tried to make-out with Bonnie, she eventually got turned off and instead went to Asher. But no matter how random it was, I just loved how awkward the actual moment before giving into temptation went down as Patrick tried to be romantic only to hurt her against a pile of books.

Before we move on, who the hell was that creepy bar guy? Could he be the actual killer of Lila?
I mean he made a statement when seeing the news report on TV, saying something about hidden secrets. I could be over-reacting, but it may have perhaps been a subtly clever story-seed being planted.


Now for the attempts to recoup and deal with the repercussions of murder night.

Okay let’s break this down in numbers.

1. Michaela desperately deals with it by giving into the pre-nup after spotting the dress for her wedding. How are you going to explain the missing ring gurl?
2. Wes wakes up to a warm Rebecca bringing him coffee and bagels. Oh and he decides to break the USB that caused all the Sam drama. Okay…
3. We return to Connor visiting his true-love, only to later lie to him and say his suffering a drug addiction. Oh, Connor you just keep digging that hole don’t you.
4. Laurel goes to Frank’s and follows through with the ridding of the trophy, by saying she felt bad for stealing it. Can I just say how resilient she was last night? I think she is the most self-sacrificing and caring one in the group tbh.
5. Annalise behaves stupidly, and makes an emotional call to Sam after sleeping with Nate. WHAT?
6. Asher tries desperately to establish a relationship with Bonnie, but is interrupted by a call from Annalise.

Call the class in… Oh, Oh were in trouble… someone’s gonna burst our bubble.

Yes! It was only just a day after and all those involved had to face Annalise, as she called a meeting to note them of a police investigation, looking all emotional and with no make-up yet again.

BUT! In a SHOCK turn of events, Annalise makes a stern look at Wes and we are treated to what actually happened the night Wes went back to get the trophy! Annalise WAS THERE at her desk, and comforted Wes as he apologised. “I’m sorry” Wes said and Annalise responding with “Don’t Be”… MIND BLOWN!

So it looks like everything that happened, from the coin-flip to everything Wes did (including the destroyal of the drama-causing USB) was all alongside a plan in which Annalise probably thought out. Was she even somehow watching when Wes made the move to protect Rebecca? 

Who knows. We will have to wait an agonising few months to find out exactly what went down, now with a brand new pair of eyes of knowing Annalise was in on it.

VERDICT: Everything was superbly tied into the flashbacks we got throughout the first half of the season. At first the reveal was a bit underwhelming as high bets already pointed towards Wes doing the deed, while although trying to throw us off by the stair-fall. But those final minutes with Annalise and Wes knocked it out of the park by taking the revealing episode to a whole new level of craziness.

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Overall Rating:

– Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC