David Guetta – ‘Listen’ (Album Review)

French DJ David Guetta just dropped his 6th Album release “Listen” and he wants you to do just that. He’s rounded up a large group of talented artists to collaborate with, showcasing a range of vocals on all his catchy electronic tracks. While the album is the sound everyone’s associated David Guetta with for years, pop electronic dance music. Although this time around he’s added some more soul into his production, but it kind of falls flat. Guetta reflects his personal life into his music, with many songs describing his relationship breakdown. Listen’s tracks are trying to be about the lyrics, but the words are often lost in translation as all you can vaguely remember is a repetitive dance beat. It’s a hard listen having a potential ballad that’s backed by so many DJ elements, he wanted to create a soulful, powerful and emotional record but it just leaves you confused.

There are so many tracks you’re gonna find yourself skipping over if you listen to this record in full, on the first few listens you just can’t get into them and it’s disappointing! We’ve been waiting for this follow up to ‘Nothing but the Beat’ for three years and it just isn’t the stellar record we’d hope Guetta would deliver. With his title track “Listen” being one of the least memorable out of the lot, John Legend adds his smooth, strong vocals to the song but the crazy electronic moments scattered throughout the song leave you lost, is it a heartfelt song or a club track?

One of the most disappointing songs on the entire record is “Hey Mama” with features from Nicki Minaj and Afrojack, it had the potential to be the smash hit of the album and on a quick listen you’re vibing with the beat. But, on closer inspection, when you actually listen to the lyrics you hear a repressive bunch of crap that you’d expect from a housewife in the 70s.

 “Yes I do the cooking
Yes I do the cleaning
Yes I keep the nana real sweet for your eating
yes you be the (boss) yes I be respecting

Honestly where was Guetta going with this one? And why did Nicki Minaj and Afrojack sign on for it?

The small saving grace of this album is the classic dance tracks we know and love from David Guetta, thankfully he hasn’t gone total sap and still delivers some tracks that are perfect for your summer dance party. His collaborations with American singer/song writer Sam Martin and Australian singer/songwriter Sia are what hold this album together and without them it would be a total flop that you’d choose to totally ignore in your iTunes library.

Album Standouts: Dangerous, Lovers on The Sun and Bang My Head.
image: warnermusic