Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 ‘Draw Back Your Bow’ Recap

I was really worried about Cupid, even though I did giggle at her opening line last week, it is difficult to do the crazed stalker character without it either being really unpleasant just utterly offensive.

They did it as well as they could, with Cupid occasionally getting a few good lines and providing some character growth for Ollie even if it never eventuates to anything.

With Cupid leaving bloody murdered love notes for Ollie we flash back in time to see him learning how to do his laundry. Maseo is going out to do some Argus work on the dock and since the blond haired white Ollie might stick out a bit he is to stay at home with Tatsu, both of who are just thrilled to be spending time together.

Cut back to best person in the series Felicity and OMG IS RAY DOING THE THING? I have no idea what that work out is called but the shot of her walking in on him doing the exercise that was used in every promo video for Arrow is just beautiful and very distracting.

They are clearly working hard to make Roy as desirable as possible since he has to compete with both Barry and Ollie for Felicity, as he proceeds to bribe her to going to dinner with him by getting her a dress worth more then her apartment. Still Roy, I think you can do better. Throw some Disney level bribery there.

As Ollie gets frustrated that Felicity is spending time with Ray; even though she works for him and it was clear to us she was ready to move on with Barry if he had been able to move on from Iris.

Ok, so far the real advantage of Ray is not what he brings to the relationship but rather the lack of baggage he brings. I can totally get behind it, Ollie I sympathise with but Felicity is too good a character to get stuck being eternally available for someone who isn’t ready to make that leap. I do like the two of them together, but there is only so much waiting a person can do (despite what Nicola Sparks or matchmaker Diggle would say).

Although I do have to agree that between Green Arrow, the Flash and the future Captain Atom Felicity does indeed have a type.

Cut back to Arrow chasing down Cupid who has been two steps ahead of him; demanding to be with Arrow or she will continue her murderess rampage… I suppose that’s a plan.

Thea is auditioning DJ’s for the club’s re-opening, when some young pratt comes in saying he doesn’t audition, he just works. Thea kicks his ass to the curb; I do not like the fact that the episode will essentially punish her for this behaviour. It is totally reasonable to expect a performer to audition first.

Clearly he’s such a special snow flake that the man is just trying to keep down.

Felicity has tracked down Cupid, discovering she was the first woman to make it into the SCPD, before she went coo coo for coco puffs. I suppose this explains how she was able to go from someone who was getting pushed around my a Mirakuru solider to someone who can go toe to toe with Arrow.

Roy, who has now evolved into Arsenal, hopefully this will not involve a drug habit, a dead child and a corpse of a cat… yeah comic are strange sometimes.

Arrow manages to save both Roy and the mobster Cupid had taken hostage but she gets away. This adds to the Roy angst as he is already dealing with the fact he killed a cop (seriously? has anyone told Laurel that he didn’t kill Sarah?). Diggle is trying his best to set Ollie up with Felicity but most of it comes down to ‘Ollie really likes you.’ Which, we knew. Cupid’s therapist gives a bit more information, which is to say if Ollie doesn’t start connecting to people on a more meaningful level then he will become destructively obsessed to fabricate those relationships.

Back in the flash back we see Ollie and Tatsu at the docks looking for Maseo who hasn’t returned from his mission left. So Tatsu is going to be a complete badass since the show makes a point of Ollie assuming she can’t fight. And… wait is she Katana! How did I not realise this?! I never actually knew her civilian name so I didn’t put it together till I saw her fight.

THAT IS AWESOME. Although it does mean that if Maseo isn’t dead… he will be soon.

Cupid is using her sexy powers of sex to convince a hacker to help her find Arrow’s location by taking the distance to each crime scene and time it took for him to get there and that is so simple how has no one thought to do it before!

The club opening is going poorly, with a DJ who is awful! DJ Prick shows up and offers to help out for a price, at this point I have to assume he deliberately got this other DJ to suck so hard cause he is able to fix it with about two buttons and every flocks onto the dance floor. Either he is a meta-human with the power of party or this is some lazy screen writing.

Speaking of lazy screen writing, Felicity and Ray on their completely platonic only a business dinner gives the weakest speech about how Ray is different from other business men, and he doesn’t are about profits and that’s why you should sell to him. Uhhhhhhh… let’s skip that.

Cupid has found her way to Verdant, knowing the block of the Quiver but not it’s exact location. Ollie calls her and says they need to meet. The final fight happens and Ollie explains he can’t love anyone because of what he does, which Felicity hears. Ollie manages to defeat Cupid and signs her up with the suicide squad. I thought team arrow was against the suicide squad after that arc with Diggle and deadshot?

Ollie decides to tell Felicity how he feels and really make a go of it, right as she is ready to try and give it a go with Ray. Ollie goes back to the Quiver to throw a bit of a tantrum and I am really ready to be done with him when Roy shows up and we get the ending they both needed. They go to Diggle’s for dinner. A simple act showing how romance is not the only kind of relationship and they both do need to let people into their lives.

It’s a really quick but effective scene.

We then see Ray, ready to move forward with his next experiment… and it’s the ATOM suit!!! That is exciting! Normally that would have been the end teaser but no… cause Atom is not the only Captain being introduced.

Aww yeah! It’s Captain Boomerang!
While I really enjoyed this episode for dealing with a character like Cupid as well as they could have, having some development for Roy and Ollie that wasn’t love interested based as well as a lot of very cute Felicity lines. It is Katana (yes I know she’s be in other episodes but I didn’t realise till now), the hits of Atom and the introduction of Captain Boomerang that really makes this a favourite of mine.