Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Guilty’ Recap

They really seem to be setting it up that Roy killed Sarah, it will be interesting to see what they do with that

So Team Arrow is going to break up a drug shipment, with Roy still being way to distracted, however someone else already beat them to this. Gangsters murdered in a horrible fashion? Is this episode the return of Huntress? Are they finally going to make her an interesting relatable character?

No? Damn it!

In the past we see Ollie doing some secret thing for Waller, and really I just can’t seem to care about this past staff. The island was very interesting and there was always the undercurrent of danger, I’m not sure if Ollie just gave up on his situation too easily or if we needed to see some actual danger for Maseo’s family. I mean I don’t doubt Amanda Waller would actually hurt them if needed, doing anything to achieve the goal is kinda her main character trait; but we need to feel that danger and tension and we just don’t.

Back in the present Roy is probably doing the smartest thing he can which is get Felicity to give him a blood test in case there was some Mirarkuru left there. Laurel seems to be moving into a more advanced kind of training, yay! (I’ve seen the pictures of her as Black Canary and I love them, though I still really miss Sarah because she had some levity despite how dark her past had been)

Ollie is hunting down the missing gang member and finds him strung up with the word ‘Guilty’ beside him; but it turns out this is WildCats gym. He has an alibi as he was out having dinner with Laurel, despite this Ollie clearly doesn’t trust him. Oooh lord, this is one of those episodes, one of the episodes where Ollie knows all even though it’s clear to the audience he’s both blinded by emotion and more then a it of a hypocrite.

Felicity tell’s Roy that his blood is clear and he explains about the dreams he’s been having. Felicity looks understandably concerned. Cut back to Wildcat’s gym where the police are there, why is everyone on Laurels case for working out? I understand they are concerned she will follow in Sarah’s footsteps and become a vigilante. But, you do remember she had been taking self defence for years due to the fact her father was a cop? Hell she at one point was captured by a serial killer because of her father, and has been in danger all the time because of Ollie. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT HER TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND HERSELF?

Anyway, rant over and Laurel goes to speak to Oliver who is apparently just hanging outside? Also, there is one extra she walks past who I reckon is behind the killing. Seriously, there’s this red head in a leather jacket who watches Laurel walk past and basically STARES INTO THE CAMERA (so many cap’s lock this re-cap). Either she is important or the worlds worst extra ever.

Ollie tells her to stay away from Wildcat because… because he’s super jealous and really insecure. I’m not even going to pretend there is a different reason.

Within the flash back we have Ollie trying to remember is he saw his target drop some information, again I don’t care, this is clearly only there so that whatever trick he uses to remember can be used to help Roy remember whether or not he really killed Sarah.

So it looks as though Wildcat was a vigilante back in the day, and here we get to have Ollie being  hypocrite because only him or people chosen by him can take up the mantel of a vigilante.Well to be fair Ollie does believe Wildcat did kill one of the people he went after, which is totally different to Ollie who only deliberately killed multiple people.

They did this a lot in season one, having characters just swap from the consistent arc so that the episode can have tension. I had thought they’d grown out of it.

Felicity then starts to talk to Roy about some of the problems she’s been having rectifying, namely that the angle of the arrow would suggest either a very short archer or that the arrows had been thrown, just like his dream.

Ollie and Wildcat are chasing down a lead when the real killer shows up and gets away, the police then show up somehow and arrest Wildcat… did Ollie call them? Why, that makes no sense? Is he really so blinded by the fact that Laurel might be involved?

Laurel rightly chews him out for this and they all go into the Quiver.

Thanks Harley!
Tensions are high and Roy decides now is the time to say he killed Sarah. Nobody knows how to react. Laurel pulls herself together and goes to get Wildcat out of prison. Dig and Ollie talk about what to do with Roy and I gotta say ‘cut him loose’?? WHAT? Are you high Diggle? If Roy could possibly experience Murikuru episodes, how close he is to Ollie is not going to impact whether or not he kills someone just whether or not Ollie is there to stop him. Why is everyone being stupid this episode!?
It turns out Wildcat had his own apprentice boy wonder, who got overzealous one day and killed someone. Wildcat cut him loose, and as soon as Wildcat and Laurel are out of the police station he is there to capture them. Apparently when he was cut loose the gang whose member had died caught him and horribly tortured him. I understand they are doing a foil character for Roy, however Ollie hasn’t given any indication that he is actually going to cut him loose; perhaps it’s for Laurel. Trying to help her understand that vengeance isn’t black and white.
After a tense action scene and a car chase Roy defeats the villain and Laurel shows some decision making. Ollie is going to keep Roy and helps him remember what happened; and it’s ok! He didn’t kill Sarah, he was just remembering that killed a police officer. 
Then it’s ok, I guess? Roy at the very least is still incredibly upset about this.
Laurel is also going to keep training despite Ollie trying to be a controlling ass-hole. Asking Wildcat to train her to be a vigilant so that she can avenge her sisters death. Wait? At this point she doesn’t still think Roy did it? Is she planning on trying to kill Roy or has she been told the killer is still out there? Also wouldn’t a better ending be her going ‘I want to make sure her killer is brought to Justice?’ Or ‘I don’t want killers left on the streets?’ Or just something more… hero-ish?
Oh snap! We have a new archer in town, who introduces herself as… and I’m not kidding.
‘I’m cupid, stupid.’
Hahahahaha. I love this, I know it’s stupid but I love this. More comic weirdness! Wait… wait! Is she the extra I saw earlier. *goes back to check episode* Oh yeah! I knew she has an air of ‘main character’ about her. And that she was watching Laurel makes sense… for those of you who are unaware of Cupid’s motivation, this picture will give you some idea.
She’s basically the DC universe’s version of this:
Now, I believe that Arrow is setting her up as another red herring. But if she is actually the person who killed Sarah, then I will be so annoyed cause that is most definitely refrigerating her. (look up Women in Refrigerators if you don’t understand the reference)