So Felicity is not actually secretly death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and even though I knew it would make no sense for her to be, I am still disappointed.

Rather we find out the terrible terrible secret about Felicity’s past… that in college she was a politically active goth!

Yeah… aside from the crowning jewel of this episode, Felicity and her mum and everything else was kinda, bland. But let’s go through it in order.
Oliver and Diggle on day off pictured above.

Seeing the three new players sparring with their respective mentors is actually really well done and shows where each of them are at with their training. Unsurprisingly, Thea Queen is utterly killing it. And cut to Felicity being utterly adorable, I’m thrilled to have an episode focusing around her as she is my favourite character across both Arrow and Flash.
Professional stalker Ray Palmer shows up unannounced… is he meant to have some seriously lacking social skills? Felicity was always the ‘awkward’ one in the group but even she knows that Ray’s behaviour is not really ok. He is charming but if they don’t start giving him something more to do I am going to get real sick of this character real quick.
But then Felicity’s mother shows up unannounced! And no, sorry I do not buy a person not knowing you need to press send on the text message. She is clearly not technically minded but unless this was her very first interaction with a mobile ever… then no. But that’s ok cause she is also adorable. Sort of like the mum from Mean Girls but without the desperation of wanting to be young again.
We now start getting flashbacks to Felicity’s college days and, she was part of a hacking group that hacked for… karma points on Reddit as best I can work out. However her then boyfriend decides he is going to wipe out all student debt and be a hero. Felicity stops him because she doesn’t want him to go to jail.

We then cut to Oliver and Thea, Thea is moving into a new apartment with the money left to her by Malcom Merlin. Oliver doesn’t approve of her taking his money. And I feel the need to jump back to the very first episode where Oliver robs a rich man to fund his Arrow adventures, so more then a little hypocrytical mate.

But I am so bored of the Queens lying to each other that I’m going to skip over it. And instead talk about Brother Eye, a rouge satellite in the DC universe Brother Eye can be a serious force to fight against. Here he seems an archaist, wanting to tear down the pillars of society. *Spoiler alert* is is obviously going to be Felcity’s ex-boyfriend. EVERYONE saw that coming.

Team Arrow tries to sort the matter out with Felicity’s mum taking care of baby Sarah, there is a lot of tension between Felicity and her mum. Both come off as understandable but also in the wrong, so it’s a good strong base of drama there.

Flashback time and dumb-ass boyfriend gets arrested. Shocking. Present Felicity recognises the hacking code from Brother Eye as one she created and Laurel as acting district attorney sends a squad down to stop a riot about to break out.

I really like Laurel taking charge like this, even though it wasn’t the right call to make because it escalated the situation rather than calmed it, I thought it was a important moment for her.

And then Arrow and Roy fire tear gas on a bunch of protesters… ummm. No comment.

Team Arrow chases down a dead end and we find out that Felicity’s boyfriend killed himself in prison after telling the cops it was him who created the virus to save her. With her tensions completely frayed we get into a big moment between her and her mother, talking about how each of them feel like the other is constantly judging them. Many feels were had in that moment.

Felicity’s mum also reveals that she came up so suddenly due to winning a flight from an email, Felicity knowing that is as likely as a Nigerian Prince realises what it is.

At that point they are both captured by Brother Eye who, as we all knew, is Felicity’s ex, very much alive and very much bitter from the work he did with the NSA after they faked his death. The Brother Eye reveal isn’t just predictable, it’s lame. Having a real hack-tivist anarchist could have been something really interesting but he turns out to be a watered down version of Hans Gruber.

More feelings are had as Felicity agrees to help Brother Eye steal millions while her mother talks about how proud she is of her. Once Arrow shows up and Felicity demonstrates some of those self-defence moves she learnt from Sarah (yay continuity!) the day is saved and boring villain is forgotten.

Laurel is getting her head back in the game with training, Thea and Oliver continue to lie to each other over popcorn while Malcom stands on a rooftop being totally not jealous guys. Felicity and her mum have a great goodbye and Ray is adorable, but still pretty useless.

Guess there wasn’t really any surprises in this one… oh… oh… WUT NO WAY!!



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  1. Arrow took such a big leap in season 2. This show is a must watch for the DC lore itself. The story plays out in 2 timelines. The present timeline in which Oliver is the bow and arrow vigilante and the Island timeline which shows Oliver slowly becoming the Vigilante we see in the present. Also, the action in season 2 has been superb! Enjoy the ride

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