Another Season, Another Apprentice: Elementary Season 3, Episode 1 “Enough Nemesis To Go Around” Review

Elementary, my dear…Kitty?

After a dramatic exit from Season 2, Elementary is back and promising the same level of complex characters, twisting plots and clever investigations.
Sherlock is back in New York and desperate to wheedle his way back into the NYPD and Watson’s life. He’s brought with him a new apprentice, a feisty young thing called Kitty who isn’t afraid to whip out the baton when confronted.

While he’s been gone though, Watson’s worked her way into the NYPD on her own, establishing herself as a respected and, at least personality wise, preferred consultant. And let’s just say, she’s not exactly happy to see him. But as usual, Sherlock has a plan to get back into her life and it begins with getting her approval to work with the NYPD again.

This episode is full of the familiar and foreign. The introduction of Kitty, a fresh and rather juvenile face, creates a new thread of tension in the already strung-out relationship between Watson and Sherlock, though it is obvious she is no match for Watson. Nor is the actress, Ophelia Lovibond, any comparison to the sublime Lucy Lui. Sherlock continues to be as entertainingly peculiar as always, returning to the show with his head buried in a 19th century ‘isolation helmet’, a ridiculous oversixed cast iron bowl over his head and shoulders that, in the dim brownstone setting, transform him into a nightmarish deep sea diver.

Sherlock’s approach is a littler milder, a little more apologetic, than in previous seasons, his character development and desperation to reclaim Watson obvious. And despite pronouncing to all he merely wishes to remain associates, it is clear he has something up his sleeve. A typical Sherlock mind game is afoot, one which will undoubtedly reach an explosive climax further into the season. This viewer can’t wait. Bring on the adventure, dear Sherlock. Watson is primed; she’ll give you a run for your money this time.