Taylor Swift goes full pop on fifth studio outing

After her previous album effort Red, it was only a matter of time before Taylor Swift went down the full pop route.

1989 is just that, as it comes equiped with an array of catchy pop anthems. Taylor is still herself at heart, as she manages to maintain her artist integrity despite the different sounding style. It’s effortlessly catchy and everything you’d want from Taylor, with hit anthems such as “Shake It Off”, “Out of the Woods”, “Bad Blood” and more!
“You took a Polaroid of us, Then discovered the rest of the world was black and white” is a line which proves that Taylor is dedicated to sticking with the 80’s theme on this record in which the title embodies, and “Out of the Woods” is certainly one of the most iconic songs that particularly channels the era quite swiftly.
I also must applause the structure of the album as each track flows carelessly. Particularly the smart move of placing the New York ode, “Welcome To New York” as the first track. It subtly is a welcoming message for fans to a brand “new soundtrack”. Plus props to Taylor writing alongside Imogen Heap on “Clean”.. only The OC fans know how awesome this is.

And for all those guessing lovers, 1989 is yet another fun game of decoding who she may be talking about. This includes decyphering the public feud with Katy Perry on “Bad Blood”… But who really needs to know though? With quality this good, just enjoy the music for what it is peeps.
While the album is a full pop outing there’s also some nods to her old style, especially on “This Love” and “Clean” as it strips back the pop synthesisers and showcases the emotional side to Swift.

VERDICT: While Taylor may have gone full pop with 1989, she still manages to retain truthful to her roots. It’s fresh, pop-tastic, catchy and pretty much everything you’d want from Taylor!

Best Tracks: Bad Blood, Style, Blank Space, Out of The Woods, Welcome To New York, All You Had To Do Was Stay, I Know Places, New Romantics.

Overall Rating: