Survivor San Juan del Sur: Blood v Water episode 2

After a relatively tension and game-playing-free first episode things have decidedly exploded in the second instalment of Survivor, where the real players finally show themselves.

Questions abound, would the simmering human volcano-MLB John erupt at something or hopefully someone, would Baylor’s decision to vote against Nadiya come back to bite her and would Val  find the hidden Immunity Idol?

After Coyopa’s trip to Tribal Council, Josh explains his decision to vote for Baylor-wanting to keep the male members on side as well as keeping Baylor in his hip pocket, by appearing to be opposed to the women’s alliance. Baylor is satisfied. Very savvy!

Michigan Jon commits the cardinal sin of Survivor, losing the flint and therefore putting the Hunahpu Tribe’s ability to maintain fire at great risk. This follows an over-zealous Reward Challenge warm-up, that doesn’t impress any of the girls. Jeremy delights in their cartoon character-like behaviour. 

Reward Challenge

Controversy ensues at the Reward Challenge where Natalie is shocked at realising that sister Nadiya has been voted off and Julie is pitted against boyfriend, MLB John. Pundits bank on on the behemoth defeating his smaller opponent easily. The course involves balancing a ball on a disc over a series of obstacles and then bowling 3 balls into target holes on a board. The course, however will favour Julie-being much smaller and agile.
In a classic David v Goliath (or in this case Davina v Goliath) encounter, Julie reigns supreme! MLB John is naturally disgusted with himself, and is mortified by “being beaten by a girl.”
Julie wins a complete fishing kit for the tribe. However, hold on to your horses-here’s where the controversy occurs. Having lost the flint, in a desperate move, Hunahpu ask Jeff  to trade their remaining supply of beans for flint as well as keep the fishing gear.
Jeff is perplexed at their request after winning reward, not prior. The only trade he’ll agree to is if the fishing gear is forfeited. 
They agree, embarrassed. Michigan Jon is unsure of his future.

MLB John is destined for Exile Island with Julie’s choice of Jeremy. While on Exile, Jeremy asks MLB John to look after Val and he will look after Julie. MLB John agrees. Jeremy finds a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol and shares this with MLB John-hoping he will pass this onto Val once back at camp.
Dale is sure he knows MLB John’s identity and surmises that it was indeed him that was kicked out of the league. Josh is buoyed by this information as he sees the negativity toward MLB John as useful.

Immunity Challenge

Jeremy and MLB John return from Exile, where they will face one of Survivor’s classic challenges. Contestants must force their opponent off a floating pontoon by way of hitting, wrestling and shoving with large, padded bags. The challenge provides some tantilising match ups. (Winners underlined)
Kelley v Jaclyn, Jeremy v Wes, MLB John v Michigan Jon, (MLB John gets cracked in the nose and many expletives have to be deleted), Alec v Drew, Baylor v Missy, (Missy uses the face of one of her ex-husbands as motivation, however this is short lived when Baylor is hit in the mouth), Keith v Dale, Reed v Josh and to win the challenge, prior to the rematch of Kelley v Jaclyn, Dale is somewhat distraught, being torn for his daughter-particularly on her birthday and having to support Jaclyn. Kelley overcomes Jaclyn, leaving Dale pounding the pontoon in frustration at yet another trip to Tribal Council.

Watch the mighty battle between MLB John and Michigan Jon

Payday comes to MLB John back at camp when he finds the hidden Immunity Idol, thus ensuring his survival for at least another three days. Val is claiming to have two hidden Idols in a desperate attempt to put doubt into the others. Will it work?

Coyopa hatch a plan to flush out Val’s Immunity Idols-if they exist, by splitting the vote, 3 for Baylor and 3 for Val. This plays straight into Val’s hands, even if she does receive 3 votes, she assumes the other 5 votes will go to Baylor. Will her deception prevail? Will Julie be the next to go if Val is voted off as Jeremy asserted? Will MLB John’s attempts to save Val be enough to placate Jeremy?
Val accuses Baylor of playing two sides and Jaclyn joins her in the attack. Josh uses a Broadway analogy to call for change in the tribe.
It’s time to vote.

Watch Tribal Council here

Is Baylor living on borrowed time? Will MLB John erupt? Find out next time …….on Survivor!.