It’s almost as if Jake Kasdan, the director of Sextape, knew about the iCloud storm about to rain down on Hollywood. Sextape is a premonition, an eerie glimpse into the future for a number of young starlets: a couple’s raunchy romp is recorded on an iPad which syncs to a Cloud network and releases the video to every connected device. That’s so close it’s freaky. 

Starring Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz as the couple in question, Sextape starts with an insight into a familiar marriage-with-two-kids scenario. Knowing their relationship needs a bit of a zing, the couple start the night with shots which leads shooting (footage, that is) their attempts at every position  in the 1970s classic, The Joy of Sex. The next day, the video is released via the sync and chaos ensues as the couple gets into a myriad of mischief trying to save their modesty, dignity and jobs.

A star-studded cast does a fantastic job supporting Segal and Diaz while amplifying the hilarity, featuring Rob Coddroy and Ellie Kemper as cringe-worthy best friends and new fans, and Rob Lowe, who’s performance as a drug-using, lonely and nostalgic new employer is unexpectedly entertaining.

While not the most intellectual of films, Sextape is still a good time for anyone looking for a laugh and proof sextape woes are not just for the rich and famous. A quick heads up (in case the title didn’t give it away): if uncomfortable with  nudity, avoid this film. Segal and Diaz toss shyness to the wind, the latter as svelte as she was in her Mask days, the former cutting a refreshingly relatable figure. Kasdan’s clever camera angles go understated and wholly appreciated throughout the film as there is more than one instance where Segal bends over in front of the camera leaving little more than a shadow between him and absolute exposure.

Sextape is a light-hearted, adults-only reminder that in even with all the conveniences of today’s technologically-infiltrated world a person could end up wishing for the good old days, when a dirty video went mouldy before anyone got time to watch it. 
Seven stars out of ten.