Ricki-Lee – ‘Dance In The Rain’ (Album Review)

Ricki-Lee delivers a perfect blend of pop…

Bubblegum pop, dance bops and stunningly powerful ballads… What more could you ask for?

In Ricki-Lee‘s fourth studio serving, fans are treated to a well arranged and hit-worthy album. Ricki really delivers on this album as she packs quite a varied cocktail of tracks.

For party-lovers, there’s a bunch of club bangers to get you hooked including ‘Giddyup’, ‘Diva’ and ‘In The Mood’. There all quite fun tracks to pop out the champagne and dance to, or possibly get down and dirty with your lover (The lyrics are certainly racy enough to do so). ‘Until We Drop’ although is a pure club banger, which will likely be a massive hit on the dance floor.

‘Night Vision’, ‘Only You’ (which also serves as quite a good dance track) and ‘Mirage’ show a side of Ricki-Lee we haven’t seen as she explores her more personal and emotional side. The result is of course beautiful as she gets fan alike identifying and relating to the lyrics, inspiring us to sing along and connect with.

VERDICT: Ricki-Lee has delivered pure effort on ‘Dance In The Rain’ and the pay-off is a superbly arranged variety-filled pop album that will get you dancing, partying and at times emotionally singing along.

Overall Rating:

Listen to one of the best songs (in my opinion) on the album ‘Mirage’:

– Shahbaz Malik
Image: EMI Music Australia