Revenge 4×05 “Repercussions” Recap

The week of confrontations… 

This week’s Revenge was full of confrontations, so let’s take a look at what big events went down this week:
Emily carefully plans a way to get her father back… While Emily was desperate and acted without thinking early in the episode, Emily eventually got her s**t back together as she realised just how much Queen V and Charlotte have their hands wrapped around her father.
Nolan tried his best to tame Emily from her heightened emotions, but the final nail was when Margaux interfered alongside Daniel. She decided that she must win back the memory of the little girl her father knows,  and what better way to do it then placing him back in the very beach house she shared the most memories with him. 
It was quite emotionally heart-wrenching though watching Emily reminisce while her father played one of her memorable childhood tracks they danced too.
Daniel & Margaux at their scheming bests… Margaux truly is becoming more like the Graysons, as she went against both Victoria and Emily’s wishes and took the opportunity to regain the top magazine story and Daniel’s image by using David as a pawn.
But watch out Daniel, Louise is now ready to bring your reclaimed image down after finding out that he has been shacking up with Margaux. Oh and it doesn’t help that he slept with Louise, as she has something to hold over his head now.
Victoria & Emily… This week’s scene just deserves it’s own paragraph. I must say it’s always a treat to see Emily go head-to-head alongside Victoria. Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe truly bring it whenever they have scenes together, this weeks episode was no exception as Vic interfered yet again between Amanda meeting her father.
It was hilarious seeing a truthful war of words between the two, as Victoria attempted to mess with Emily’s head over what she has done while Emily aimed to crash the shattering realisation that Vic is trying so hard to gain the love of a man she has wronged. This also included a splendid guilt-tripof what she had done to her as a child.
David, Charlotte and Jack re-union?…. Wow, Charlotte can be so cold sometimes.
This week the bratty bad girl brought David Clarke to Jack, and rubbed right in his face the memory of the real Emily, by making Jack have to confront and discuss the memory of a faux Amanda despite his knowledge of the fact that the real Amanda is alive.
Jack was furious (I know I would be) that he later confronted her, and expressed what we are all thinking… that she “is worst than Victoria” and that she is Conrad Grayson… you tell her Jack!!
Of course, this made her turn sour as she hates the memory of her father, let alone being compared to him. I still think Charlotte will although eventually come around and join team Emily, and judging by her shacking up to the man who tried to kill her father (he did have the same tattoo seen behind the wheel) in that car… I’m sure it’s very close.
Overall Rating:

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– Shahbaz Malik