Revenge 4×04 “Meteor” Recap

The long awaited reunion finally happened.. well kind of

To mark this superb episode, I have broken it down into the range of emotions and events fans were succumbed to this week.

The Reunion…. David finally saw Victoria’s lies for what they were. His trigger was the phrase that ‘she’ll handle it’, which was the exact line she told him before he was framed for crimes he did not commit.

What looked clearly like David had planned, he went to a nearby store and stole something which then led him to conveniently end up at the Hampton’s county. Emily’s new love interest also managed to somehow connect two and two in that he was the one to break into Emily’s humble abode.

Anyway i’ll forgive the writers for messily trying to get Emily to see David.

The Emotions…  The reactions were EVERYTHING and more though, with Jack first shockingly noticing that it was David in line. Jack of course tried to warn Emily, but was interrupted. Emily’s tears were right on the nail. Props to Emily VanCamp for truly connecting to the character and her emotions.

Also loved Nolan’s calm reaction and contained excitement over David being alive.

The Self-Hate… Okay that was some serious Da Vinci Code shiz right there when David whipped himself. It was actually quite gruesome for Revenge nature.. but then again what about Pascal’s gory death last season?

The reasoning was to frame his innocence over Conrad holding him captive… but did he really have to go to extremes like that? Is there more to his actions?… We will have to wait and see.

The Ruining… While happy to see her father, Emily ran to comfort him when making his public statement on being clear of his crimes. It was of course only to be ruined by Victoria and Charlotte’s appearance. The look of Emily’s face was priceless as she finally learned Vic’s secret weapon.

Poor Emz. I somehow have faith in David though, after he confronted Vic over her lies… I’m sure his planning something we won’t see coming. After all he is Amanda’s father right?

Also, on a side-note I have a feeling Charlotte will join her sister’s side very soon. She’s mad at her mother and is fed up with being used by her.. so maybe (just maybe) she will finally see that Emily only has her best interest at heart.

The Manipulation… Daniel is setting himself up for disaster with his new business deal with newcomer Louise. But hey people do silly things when it comes to money.

Seriously though.. what is this young lady planning? Is it revenge, or does she just want a proper mother figure?

One thing four sure is when two ladies surround one man, it’s never a good sign. Plus, I really enjoy having Margaux and Daniel together, so please keep them together writers!

Image: ABC