A slower week of Revenge, with impact

Here’s a breakdown of what went down:
David learns Emily is Amanda? It’s true when they say every parent recognises their children even when being separated for years. 
Last night, while Victoria planned to foil David’s plans of visiting Emiy, he ended up going and planned to kill her (yes, his own daughter without him knowing) but once arriving and seeing his little girl fast asleep, something struck a nerve and made him realise that she is indeed his daughter Amanda!
Take that Victoria!
Charlotte’s in… Well that was fast. Victoria while trying to reconnect with her children, let Charlotte in that her father is alive.
Charlotte although continues her struggle to be what her mother wants, as she again tries to talk up her daughter to her own father. But typical Charlotte gave in and went back into her little school girl act.
Oh, and Emily forgave her for trying to murder her by dropping by… only to be held back by Victoria with a gun! Talk about a crazy Vic, but it’s all cause she was desperate to rid of her before David conveniently returned from hunting. 
Margaux helps Victoria… This episode was certainly Victoria-heavy, as Queen V used Margaux as her last resort after learning Daniel is indeed broke, with hardly any funds left under the Grayson’s name.
Money is the least of your worries now though Vic, as Emily is inches away from learning her father is alive.
Daniel finds a new manipulator… While he maybe rocking up with Margaux (which I’m all for!),  a new girl has her sights set in him. It’s of course the mental ward patient , who was left behind by Victoria and is now looking for her new mother figure!
Of course Victoria again disappointed her by telling her to go seek out her mother (who abandoned her), so what better way to bond then with fine another child mistreated by their parents than Daniel Grayson!
But will this new girl use Daniel as a pawn in her own revenge against Vic?
First step at new romance… While Jack may continue to downplay his feeling for Emily, his cop partner is hard at work trying to receive Emily’s attention. He made his first move this week when spotting her near Vic and Charlotte’s hide-out.. 
Something along the lines of a pickup about being into taking moments out to walk in the outback. But Emz shut him down, burn.
VERDICT: A solid episode, which was slower compared to previous weeks. It also further set-up the big father reveal (which is apparently closer than we think) in weeks ahead.

Overall Rating:

Watch the promo for next week’s big reveal episode:

– Shahbaz Malik
Image: ABC