Revenge 4×02 ‘Disclosure’ Review: When Family Reunions Go Awry

The beginning of Emily’s revenge is here…

Now that Emily’s revenge is done (well at least the takedown of the Graysons), things are now coming back to haunt her. She now has not one, but three enemies: Victoria, Charlotte and the man she got revenge for.. her own father, David!

Get the full breakdown on this week’s shocking new episode below:

Father against daughter? When show-runner Sunil Nayar stated that revenge will come for Emily this season, she wasn’t wrong!

Turns out David is back for Victoria and Charlotte? And he believes that Faux Amanda was actually the real Amanda, who tragically died. Victoria, who first hallucinated that he may be back to get his own revenge ended up playing him yet again..

She was head of over heels when he said he killed Conrad for her (oh the dedication!) and before the episode’s end, gained the approval of David to help her bring down her wrong-doer Emily Thorne!

Victoria, you just dug yourself another grave as you once again have deceived your supposed ‘true love’. David will surely put two and two together when seeing her friendship with Nolan, and her infinity tattoo, unless David already knows and is actually playing Victoria?!

Charlotte.. One Word. BITCH!

It was the reveal we’ve all been waiting for, and it was certainly far from the happy reunion we dreamt of. Instead Charlotte continued on her bratty path and used the same line Victoria used last episode “Instead you chose revenge”.

I get how Charlotte would be hurt, but not as much to go and try and kill your own sister! Although, I must applaud the writers for serving us such a shock and having us so infuriated at Charlotte!

Daniel & Margaux a hot new item? Margaux finally ridded of her evil brother, Gideon by planting a drug plot on him! Plus, we learned that Gideon was indeed the one that murdered the poor girl who OD’d next to Daniel, at the end of last season.

I must admit, Daniel becomes bearable alongside Margaux as he struggles to make her not turn into him (aww!), but then you know, they gave into their long-fated passion. But has Margaux dug herself something she may regret after ridding of her brother? Don’t forget that he did threaten both her and Daniel if she played him wrong! Something tells me this won’t end well.

Also, looks like Daniel has got over his rage against Emily after their brief elevator run-in. He didn’t seem to tussled by her, and maybe her saving Charlotte might change his opinion of her too.

Awkward cop drama.. This feels so strange for some reason, but why must we subjected to random convos between Jack and the new cop in the police change rooms? Only one thing comes to mind, eye candy.

Maybe the creators are trying desperately to somehow inject some hunky shirtless guys on the show, without being too random? Sorry creators, it still comes of completely random. You might want to re-think a better way to showcase buff abs.

Overall Rating:

Will Emily survive? (of course she will), watch the promo for next week below:

– Shahbaz Malik
Image: ABC