Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Big Fat Lie’ (Album Review)

Nicole’s confusing personal new album…

Nicole Scherzinger is a talented gal, but since her Pussycat Dolls departure has struggled to make it on her own with numerous tries to crack the big time on her own. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” proved to be one of her biggest hits though, which was released from her debut album ‘Killer Love’ after numerous other singles failed to take off. 
Her second studio serving ‘Big Fat Lie’ is quite strangely structured, and seems to be yet another miss for the struggling pop star.
‘Run’, ‘First Time’, ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Big Fat Lie’ although prove to be the stand-outs of the album, despite their relatively un-radio friendly style. The singles are not to bad either, which are dance-filler ‘Your Love’ and break-up anthem ‘On The Rocks’.
The title track proves the deepest of the lot from Nicole, as she exposes to fans that her world is a lie? She makes a statement that she’s sick of the treatment within her career and perhaps maybe this is directed at her handlers, as to why she is unable to give her full potential.
VERDICT: “Big Fat Lie” is an oddly arranged album that comes with experimental gems and misses. Unfortunately, while it does have its moments it doesn’t give hope for Nicole to crack into the mainstream pop world due to its unfamiliar sounding style. 

Best tracks: Run, First Time, Big Fat Lie, God of War

Skip: Just a Girl, Bang

Overall Rating:

Listen to her current single ‘On The Rocks’:

– Shahbaz Malik
Image: RCA Records



  1. I agree with your review cos' I just don't understand this album. It's really disappointing, she could have done so much better than that! She'd found her style with the previous album “Killer Love”, with songs that suit her voice perfectly well. She has so much unreleased material she could have used to create a great LP, with songs like “Guns & Roses”, “Wild Child”, “Feels so good”… “Big Fat Lie” is just a waste of time.

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