MOVIES: Marvel Phase Three Line Up Revealed

MOVIES: Marvel Phase Three Line Up Revealed
It’s a wonderful time to be a Marvel fan.

MARVEL STUDIOS invited press and fans to a mysterious studio Special Event in LA on Tuesday to announce Phase Three of the Marvel Universe. 
Phase Three, which takes the film universe to 2019, will bring to screens the next stage of the Marvel empire – Marvel teasing the Infinity Stones collected over the series of films so far (Tesseract from Captain America, Aether from Thor: Dark World and the Orb from Guardians of the Galaxy) will set the stage for the final colossal conflict with the powerful Thanos in the two Avengers films scheduled for 2018 and 2019, Avengers: Infinity War. 
Kicking off the next set of films is the third Captain America: Civil War in 2016.  A fan video from the special event leaked a scene which confirms the film will pit Steve Rogers against Tony Stark in a moral conflict over the events that take place in Avengers: Age of Ultron, set for release May next year.
Next on the list is Doctor Strange, with rumours Marvel is currently favouring Benedict Cumberbatchfor the lead. Directed by Scott Derrickson and set for release November 4, 2016, the film will surround the ‘brilliant neurosurgeon who gets in a car accident and ruins what he thinks are the tools of his trade: his hands’, says Marvel president Kevin Fiege.  The film is also tipped to see the beginnings of new dimensions, Fiege stating ‘we want to enter, through Strange, the world of parallel dimensions’. 
From here Marvel hypes up the demand to three moves a year, 2017 seeing writer/director James Gunn’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2 set for a May release, followed by the next Thor film Ragnarok, and finally the debut of Black Panther later in the year, Chadwick Boseman casted as the lead alongside Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jn.
The long awaited Captain Marvel will kick off 2018, set for release July 6, with the character of Carol Danvers who Fiege explains her ‘adventures are very earthbound, but her powers are based in the cosmic realm’.  A May release of Avengers: Infinity Wars and a November release of The Inhumans closes out the year, followed by part two of Avengers in May 2019.  
It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Marvel, these announcements come on top of last week’s early release of the insane Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer mere hours after it was leaked online – Marvel playfully blaming Hydra for the leak.  

The only things missing from the future lineup are solo films for the rest of the Avengers: Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.  On the online controversy surrounding Black Widow’s role in the Marvel Universe, Fiege comments ‘Black Widow couldn’t be more important as an Avenger, but, like Hulk, the Avengers films will be the films where they play a primary role’.  It seems Marvel’s main goal is to continue along with the continuity of the Cinematic Universe over satisfying fan’s demands of solo films for the other Avengers members. 
There’s no doubt the next few years are going to be busy for Marvel, and I for one am very excited to see how Phase Three turns out. Who knows what this next stage has to offer, but if it’s as good as the last two, it’s going to Hulk smash the not only fans, but the box office.   
Bring on Phase Three!