Another week another supernatural villain. This week however the horseman seems to be taking a sabbatical apart from a quick dream appearance.

Ichabod is being chased by all four horseman giving us our first look at the others, the designs are more then a little underwhelming if I’m honest, however the camera work and special effects are still excellent. As Ichabod runs from them he is trapped by tree branches and dragged into some underground tunnels. There his wife Katrina waits, still dressed fabulously, who warns him that several dark spirits are coming to pave the way for Death. The first of you will bee ‘one of us’, so obviously a witch.

OH LORD THAT NECK! So Andy Brooks (dead Sulu) is back and umm… alive? No, clearly still dead and I like that they have the flesh around his neck sagging from were his head was snapped back ‘like a pez dispenser’ (Abbie has a real way with words).

Our faceless demon tells him to resurrect someone and Brooks coughs up a medallion. I really like when this shows embraces moments of horror, it can have some really unsettling visuals. It seems as through Brooks will be the welcoming comity for each of these dark spirits.

Dark spirits paving the way for a boss fight? I hear filler episodes!

However is every filler episode has Ichabod being so adorably indignant about a 10% levy on baked goods then I am ok with it.

Ichabod, strict and uptight but also smouldery. I’m fairly certain Tumblr exists just for characters like this (and any character played by Benedict Cumberbatch)

Ichabod and Abbie discuss his dream and that he needs to stay a bit more under the radar as although Captain Irving is willing to give them a bit of room to work simply because he has no other options, no one really believes there is a headless horseman. Which I really can’t blame them for, however I appreciate that they also aren’t dismissed completely by Irving.

We then see the funeral of Sheriff Corbin, Abbie’s mentor and resident Apple Pie aficionado, during which Ichabod stands with his hair blowing in the wind by his wife’s grave… does a fan just follow him around? Working out Katrina’s incredibly difficult clue of ‘she’s one of us’ he exclaims ‘We are looking for a witch!’

Speaking of the witch, Brooks now goes to resurrect her from the stake she was burnt on, and I love the make up work with her. Seriously this witch just has a fantastic burnt doll like face.

This witch is after the ashes of those who convicted her in order to regain her own flesh. As such Brooks helps her track down one of the descendants who she burns alive in his car… while Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra plays. Seriously show? Have you no subtly?

 Abbie and Ichabod have some bonding time before being brought to the scene of the burnt out car, a scene that Ichabod recognises and identifies as a witch from his time Serilda of Abaddon. They go hunting for more information in the archives, which introduces us both to the nifty scooby shack or batcave for their investigations as well as Ichabod’s photogenic memory. A decent excuse for how he is going to be a walking encyclopedia for lots of plot details through out the series.

Oh we also meet Abbie’s ex…but he doesn’t really seem to have any character yet so I’ll talk about him when he becomes interesting.

We quickly reach the climax as Serilda manages to gather the last ashes she needs after a decently successful bait and switch were we think she’s going to kill a kid for their ashes. The clock clicking Abbie and Ichabod are trying to stop Serilda from completing her resurrection at which point she will be pretty much unstoppable.

They don’t make it.

I love this image.

Despite her being immune to bullets they do manage to blow her up with some centuries old black powder… It’s a little anti climactic if I’m honest. This show seems like a lot of great set up for not much pay off, then again it is only episode 2. I gave Arrow a whole season to find it’s feet.
This show is made by the moments of character development and the occasional sprinkling of horror.