It’s always a little awkward being late to the party, or late to a TV show.  So join me as I hurriedly try to jump on bandwagons before they pull away.

First up, Sleepy Hollow.

I’ve heard very good things going into this show, about how it balances an incredibly campy premise with smart character decisions and sincerity.

On the negative side I’m told the headless horseman is not played by Christopher Walken…

sh 1.jpg

We start episode one in the Hudson Valley, New York 1781.

The British are coming! The British have odd freaky mercenaries in face covering leather masks.

We see our hero Ichabod fighting and searching the Red Coats for someone, unsurprisingly he is look for the guy head and shoulders above everybody else… Make that shoulders above everybody else. Ichabod however also dies, falling in battle to what, really doesn’t seem like it should be a mortal wound. Seriously mate…


He then wakes up in a strange cave and goes wandering. Emerging from his cave near a beautiful dam and water feature… good thing they didn’t discover the cave while making that.

I’m surprised that time traveller getting confused by a road and almost hit by a car is a cliche to me. Perhaps I just watched Hocus Pocus too much as a kid. Hey, Sympathy for the Devil, solid music choice show, if a little unsubtle. Speaking of unsubtle we then move to young cop and old cop talking about unsolved crimes and how the young cop should stop running from her past.

Waiter, I’ll take my cliche’s a la mode.

This is Abbey, our other main character, and her partner who I just get such a ‘one day away from retirement’ vibe from. Money on the table now, he isn’t making it out of this episode alive.
They head off, totally not going to die this episode cop making eyes with a priest as he goes. Is the priest going to kill him? Suspicious priest is suspicious.

So our cop buddies head off smiling and laughing to investigate a totally routine call in. Probably just some wild coyotes or something. This will in no way result in his death. Nope. Certainly won’t die right now.


Old cop really should have kept his head… *ba* *dum* *tss*

So Ichabod is arrested, and I must say I’m a little confused as to why, yeah he was running down the street dishevelled but he hasn’t done anything. Abbie confirms he isn’t the headless horseman, and what follows is our first glimpse of how wonderfully British Ichabod is. I love the interview scene. So far, I just love this show.

Abbie offers to take him to the psyche ward, oh hey! It’s the volleyball coach from Evolution!

So Abbie and Ichabod finally meet properly, which is hilarious and cute. I hope there is a lot of fan art of these two in the same way of Bruce and Tony Stark or Homes and Watson. *quickly checks google* yay! And now is where the premise goes from silly to full on mad-libs ridiculous. Not only is there a headless horseman terrorising the town but he is in fact Death, the first horseman of the apocalypse… Because sometimes if you are going play, you need to go all it.

Speaking of silly, suspicious priest is actually from the past and can magic whip chains… which is pretty cool. I hope we get to see more of the priests powers.

… Never mind.

There has been some really creative camera shots and perspectives, as well as some top notch editing. Occasionally it becomes a little distracting, such as the rolling head camera from the decapitated priest, still I appreciate the creativity. Ichabod is lead by an eagle (of course) to the grave of his wife Katrina, who it appears was burnt for witchcraft. While being in Abbie’s custody does clear Ichabod of suspicion of committing the crimes, it’s pretty clear he’s crazy for coco-puffs by any reasonable standard so he’s still off to the psyche ward.

We finally get Abbie’s back story, and I like it. Seeing something that can only be explained as supernatural and having no one believe you, it would cause enough of an emotional scar to affect you but still let you get ahead and live your life. Plus it’s not the tragic dead family.

As Abbie investigates into the occult files that her ex partner Corbin was keeping locked away, we see Ichabod visited in his dream by Katrina. Dressing far more modern gothic then her actual time period. Has she been watching the passage of time from her imprisonment, flipping through fashion magazines, are her clothes created by her thoughts or magic? Or does the devil go out and buy her knew clothes when the old ones become out of date? Maybe that’s what he was saying when he appeared to Abbie and her sister… ‘excuse me girls, where might I find the nearest mall?’

However, now we are into the real plot of this episode. The horseman is after his head, not sure why, he seems pretty effective without it. But if he gets it back then the other three horseman will arise. However there are bigger problems, the headless horseman now has a shotgun and one of the police officers is a traitor… AND THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN HAS A SHOTGUN!

They find the skull and we have a big old shoot out, traitor cop Sulu gets captured and as the sun rises the headless horseman retreats. However now, we have other witnesses to the headlessness of the horseman, and Abbie learns that she and Ichabod are the first and second witness, destined for seven years of trials before judgement day. (Sounds like this show is gunning for seven seasons).

A little bit of an unexciting ending, I mean the headless horseman just pieces out, there isn’t really any horror… oh. Oh wow.

So, I wasn’t really expecting Sulu to get axed so soon, recognisable actors tend to stick around. And that sounds when the demon just knocks his head back, gave me chills. The last thirty seconds of the show was incredibly effective, and cutting back through to sympathy for the devil. Loved it.

Join me next week for episode 2.