How To Get Away With Murder (2014) Season Premiere Review

A delightfully new drama to watch this season…

It seemed like ages ago when I saw a preview for this show, and it already had me intrigued.
Well now the show has finally premiered, and it has certainly lived up to its previews.

Unique, ambitious, and not afraid to cross the boundaries is what we were told in the pilot. Just from seeing a lecturer being caught having sex with another man to gay sex being used to garner illegal information… this is certainly a new direction, particularly for prime-time ABC.

Viola Davis, is superb here as the flawed criminal defence lawyer/teacher. The young cast is also not too bad to look at with ex Harry Potter star Alfred Enoch leading the young-ins, along with two student law competitors Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Connor (Jack Falahee).

What makes this such an intriguing show, is the blend of intercuts between the past and current. Oh, and a payoff which viewers may have thought would be dragged out to the season finale. Fear not, as the identity of the opening mystery is revealed by the episodes end.

Let’s just say you’ll be hooked from beginning to end, and even more sucked in by it’s cliffhanger.

Plus, the premise is particularly striking as viewers may see the law as an upholder of justice, while this show aims to break all those stereotypes held dear to many. It reveals the ugly side of law, where solicitors must defend even the guilty and try their best to get away with murder. Well that is for their clients *cough*.

VERDICT: The pilot has already done its job, hooked us -hook, line and sinker. It’s not everyday a show can get you glued to the screen in just one episode, with so many shows already out there competing for our attention.

Cheers, to a compelling and intriguing new series!

Overall Rating:

Watch the trailer for episode two and the rest of the season here:

Image: ABC

Shahbaz Malik