Hilary Duff’s Terrible New Music Video: All About You (Review)

If you thought Taylor Swift was bad, Hilary Duff is a train wreck. Former Disney actress-turned singer Hilary Duff has recently released the second single off her fifth album, All About You.

There’s nothing special or unique about this film clip at all, but that makes sense. Average vocals, terrible lyrics and even worse acting, all blend nicely. It’s so bad that it’s funny.

Now to the “plot” if you will. She creepily stalks a guy in a restaurant – congratulations on promoting the behaviour of fan girls. Did I say promoting? Well, hey there Amazon phone! Your sponsorship barely went by unnoticed.

In a Cinderella-like way, the man leaves behind a record in his midst. Okay, but…does the target audience even understand what object she’s now yielding?

If you think that is unlikely, so is the premise that Hilary Duff is a dancer. Girl can’t dance. Not only does she fail miserably, the choreography is stupid. The word “cavorting” comes to mind.

Anyway, so Hilary and her BFFs/colleagues/I don’t even know what, jump in a convertible and drive around to find this guy. Fate has it that everyone personally knows this rock star, and the girls eventually find him.

They arrive at a party. The girls perform their previously arranged dance and the two prospective lovers hit things off. Would Hollywood have it any other way?

If you’re about 12 years old and like the concept of fairy-tales, then this is the film clip for you. The adults will be in another room.